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23 June 2009, 01:25 AM
I have all the secrets of infinity in my hands,
i really want to spread it to as many scientists
as possible. so here i go.

here's a simple scientific test you can experiement

wear black clothes and go to a busy mall
you will notice your mind really hurts, this
is because black colors ( or dark colors )
are pulling other humans imagination and bringing
them to close to you and you read it.

this causes stress especially when you are
surrounded by religious people or something.

but when you WEAR WHITE CLOTHES..
the opposite is true, you reject everyones idealogy
and you get to feel free with your own science.

your own imagination is not disturbed.

you can optimize and re-test this if you want.
you can even wax the body hair you have
and dye your hair to yellow or white.

trust me, this is extreme science like no other
and i have it cracked, this can be used to
stop aging, reverse aging,

we can use this to time travel, be immortal
and make money too

because infinity's law suggests the more people
you spread this truth to of, the more money
you are likely to make. ( it's the reward you
get from infinity for giving people the secret )

so tell people to wear white ( be nice, by force
is prohibited by federal law of infinity ).

or just wear white clothes and walk around
shopping malls, you become a role model
and your influence alone will earn you money.

WHITE as you know is a color that pushes
while BLACK is a color that pulls light.

so imagine if you were made up of light
and you were wearing black clothes.

you'd age faster than anyone else.

if you were wearing white, because it pushes
the light back, you could stop yourself
from aging.

try experiementing this with luxury places
because there is a competition going on, on earth.

it's as if everyones soul has some jealousy
inside them and they do not like it when
someone is about to spread the truth and rise
into power.

so keep yourself safe, experienment around
luxury stores where your safety is not jeapordized.

if you are a highly scientific person, try avoiding
conversation with highly religious people.

my own great parents are religious, so i am not
talking to them not even on the phone.

their voice and the way they think can interfier
with my imagination and distort the science
i am working on.

please feel free to ask me for more information
i am on youtube right now

post comments on my channel i'll respond 24/7
to every question you have.

on my youtube page i found david's video wow
i really want to give this guy all the secrets i have
he can put it into media, become a billionaire
and spark a revolution that can save us all.

i mean all of us, we are all about to become
immortal supreme beings.

all we have to do is wear white clothes
and be obsessed with white stuff.

very simple.

this is no joke, i am about to get this party started

Summer Time Dance

23 June 2009, 03:32 AM
Hmmm ... scientific spam ! Anyone out there to buy this (rubbish) idea ?