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18 August 2009, 01:12 AM
Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple, Thoppu Street, Kumbakonam


http://divyadesamonline.com/images/trans.gif The Deity of Sri Aravamudan of Thirukkudanthai (Kumbakonam) has been sung by seven Alwars of Sri Vaishnavisam. When the four thousand (4000) Dhivyaprabandam of Alwars were in a forgotten state, it was only through the decade of ten verses praising Lord Amudan, Sriman Naadha Munigal revived the entire 4000 Verses. Hense this recling Lord Aravamuthan alias Sri Sarangapani Swami is known as Dravida Sruthi Darshala. In this town, there are also the deities of Lord Chakkarapani and Lord Rama in the Pattabishegam mode and many others.

In the southern part of this town, river "Harisal Aru" is found. On its bank there is an Agraharam of Thoppu Street and a small but a beautiful temple of Sri Rajagopala swamy is found. In this temple the Moolavar is Lord Rama flanked by goddess Sita, carved in the same granite stone. This Dharsan of Sri Rama and Sita together is not to be seen any where else. There is the Deity of Sri Lakshmanan on the left of Sri Rama wearing Jadamudi crescent moon and konrai flower. The Utsavar Moorthy - Sri Rajagopala Swamy flanked on either side by Goddess Rukmani and Goddess Sathyabama.

Also in this temple, Sri Nigamantha Maha Desikan, Sri Andal, Lord Vinayaka and Sri Anjaneya wears a lock of hair, a belled tail, and a lotus flower in his hand are also found.
This temple built more than 200 years ago, has become very old and dilapidated and likely to fall any moment. Hence, it is earnestly requested that the devotees of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna might participate in the sacred task of renovating this temple and perform its Kumbabishegam early.
It is estimated that the expenses of renovation and Kumbabishegam of this temple may come to about 20,00,000. Hence devotees are requested to contribute liberally towards this work.

Contact Address :
Shri. A. Sudarsanan Bhattar,
Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple, 24, Thoppu Street,
Ph : 0435 - 2421446, (0091) 9244640117.

Please extend your generous helping hands towards this great Kainakaryam of renovating this temple.

18 August 2009, 03:56 AM
Namaste Gokul,
It would be extremely helpful if you could kindly post the Bank account details along with the address so that interested people who are outside India could transfer money.
Best Regards,

19 August 2009, 09:17 AM

you can contact the phone number given above to get bank a/c details.
Lord Narayana will bless you for your holy contribution.

Om Namo Narayana