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26 August 2009, 04:27 AM

In Taisho Tripitaka 1280
we have teaching about Goddess of Art (Chinesse and Japanesse call Her Goddes of Art)

Thus i heard, one time Mahesvara with many Devis is dancing in sukha, and then from Mahesvara's crest born Devi who speak this Dharani :

Namo Ucci maya Sikha Deviye

讷谋 乌之之衣 摩耶 师衣可 逮微耶衣

pra-patya-Si kara-carum. Tadyatha,
波惹 波跌 师衣 科惹 遮如M 德叠特

sva-jatile vi-rama jalini
司窝 遮低类 微热摩 遮里你

hum phat svaha.
吽 颇的 娑诃

please, anyone know the meaning of this mantra ?
and in Hinduism , this Devi is who ?

i only know :

Namo = i refuge
Ucci = Manifestation
Maya = ilution
Sikha = crest
Deviye = Goddess


26 August 2009, 04:39 AM
in this Sutra also call her :
Da zizai Tiannv


Her form is left hand propped up a Heaven Flower
right hand is rise up a little part of dress

03 October 2009, 11:06 PM
Namo Ucci maya Sikha Deviye
Namo - my respects

Ucci - high/Loud/among superior/higher/gigantic/superior/opulent/puffy/raised

maya – the architect of the Daityas
[Mayä—by me/me].
[mäyä—Mäyä-devé/potency/causeless mercy/“that which is not”/falseness/illusory energy]

Sikha – [çikhä]crest/crown/topknot/on the head/hair/bunches of hair/by flames/learn/

Deviye ~Devyä—transcendental/of earth/of the heavenly planets/the wives of the demigods/by the energy of the Supreme/by the goddess/the always-worshipable heavenly goddess.

Devi – goddess
ye - as also others/all those/them/others/all of whom/that which/they who/all of which persons
pra-patya-Si kara-carum. Tadyatha,
波惹波跌师衣科惹遮如M 德叠特

Pra- [prefix]complete/excessively
patya ~patyä—with her husband/by the husband/the master/wife

asi -you are/You have been/You became

kara – hand/hands/grip/taxes/You do/perform/endeavor/become/
[kära—of all of them]

carum - grains offered in the yajïa/a preparation for offering in a sacrifice
/a specific oblation of sweetrice/

sva-jatile vi-rama jalini

sva- [prefix] one’s own
jaöile - ???
jaöila - matted hair/knotted hair
ja - produced by/born/generated/
jätä - having attained/becomes/has grown/
jäta - overwhelmed/having grown up/there was/arisen/fulfilled/aroused/in this way develops
jätaù - took birth/appeared/

vi- [prefix]the syllable vi (of viñëave ~unto Lord Viñëu)
virama - become detached/
viräma - respite, full stop
rama - delights/

jalini - ???
jal – water/tears
ni - to take
ni – down
nih – without

hum phat svaha.
Om – O my Lord/The Supreme

phat - Material life as “pavarga” = 5 states of suffering, represented by the letters pa, pha, ba, bha and ma.
Pa means pariçrama, very hard labor.
Pha means phena, or foam from the mouth.
Ba means byarthatä, disappointment.
Bha means bhaya, or fear.
ma means måtyu, or death.
To nullify these five statuses of life one achieves apavarga, or liberation.

svähä—Svähä, the wife of Agni/hymns to perform sacrifices/respectful oblations/Hail/by offering the mantra svähä

04 October 2009, 08:53 PM
thank you Bhaktajan ^^