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29 August 2009, 05:09 AM

I don't know where to post this topic but i hope you will answer on my quaestion or maybe just recommend me where to ask. Can any one here translate me the Agneya astra mantra (if posible, word by word meaning):

Jata Vedase Sunavama Soma
Marati Yato Nidahati Vedaha
Sa Nah Parsadati Durgani Visva
Naveva Sindhum Durita Tyognihi

And i'm sorry again if i post this topic in a wrong forum. In hope you could hellp me i salute you!

29 August 2009, 07:37 PM
hariḥ oṁ

Namasté Dani,
For your kind consideration...

Note - this mantra appears in the ṛg veda , hymn 1.99
The ṛṣi is kaśyapaḥ marīchaḥ ( some write marīcaḥ) ; the meter is triṣṭup, the devatā is agni
It is the only mantra that appears in the ṛg veda that has one verse.
It is also considered a hymn to Mother Durgā (durgatināśinī) and is the first verse of the durgā sūkam.

jātavedase sunavāma somam arātīyato ni dahāti vedaḥ |
sa naḥ parṣhat ati durgāṇi viśvā nāveva sindhum durita ati agniḥ ||

jātavedase¹ (knower of all births) sunavāma (prepare and offer) somam (soma) arātīyato ( foes or enemy) ni (within) dahāti (da + hāti or grant + destruction or removal) vedaḥ (we know as knowledge, but also means property or goods ~wealth~ from the 3 root of vid) |

sa naḥ (he us) parṣhat (overcoming ; pa is guarding , protecting) ati (exceedingly, going beyond) durgāṇi (overcoming grief - difficulty of passage) viśvā ( whole, entire ) nāveva (boat ; nā+ve+va) sindhum (river) durita (sin, difficulty, evil) ati (overcoming, exceeding) agniḥ (agni) ||

Three views:
1. IMHO, this verse says:
Agni, jātavedas, the knower of all births in all the worlds, we prepare and offer soma, the essence of all experiences. May you agni
burn-up completely the knowledge and wealth of our foes. |
May you lead us over all of our difficulties, sin or evil that may come to us, as a boat crosses over a river. ||

2. Another view, from R.L. kaśyap, śrī aurobindo kapali śāstri Institute of Vedic Culture
To the one that knows of all births, we prepare and offer the soma; may he burn up completely the wealth and knowledge of our foes.

3. Another view, No author: from this web site
http://astroveda.wikidot.com/meaning-astra-astrology (http://astroveda.wikidot.com/meaning-astra-astrology)
We offer the celestial beverage to the knower of all births - may he consume the wisdom of our enemies. May he take us through all troubles and difficulties, like a ship across the ocean


some key words

jātavedas जातवेदस् - another name for agni ;having whatever is born or created as his property i.e. the 'all-possessor';
Looking at this word as a component jāta + vedas = the knower or knowledge (vedas) of births (jāta). Agni knows all births in all the worlds - matter, mind, etc.
sindhu सिन्धु- river or stream - also water from the elephant's trunk
arātī अराति - enemy, particular evil one who frustrate the good intentions and disturb the happiness of man

30 August 2009, 01:46 AM
I don't know how to thank you! That was great explanation and i'm most grateful!!