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10 October 2009, 05:57 AM
Pranam all

I know we all like to give donation every time we go to temple, but do we ever ask how this money is spent?

there is so much money in our temple that no one should be going hungry.
So much can be done with the amount of money coming in, it make me sick that there is even poverty in India.

and Balagi temple dwarf a lot of them


Jai Shree Krishna

Eastern Mind
10 October 2009, 07:51 AM
Namaste Ganeshprasadji:

You open a can of worms? http://www.hindudharmaforums.com/images/icons/icon7.gif

Temples are run in many different ways. I'm not sure about India, but here are a few: government appointed board, private individual or family, hereditary family or priesthood, democratically elected board of trustees.

Here today we are in Kaliyuga. There is corruption. I believe that is why India's government started taking over, but the government itself is corrupt. Money given to temples goes to non-dharmic (in some people's POV at least) activities.

Here is why it doesn't bother me. BTW, I am like you. I give, fairly generously, in money, and in kind. But in my mind, I am giving to Him, and only to Him. I feel that whomever is running the temple was appointed by the main deity of that temple. Otherwise that individual wouldn't be doing it. The world is in a perfect state ... of evolution. Whenever a person at my temple, by conversation, takes possession of the temple through words, I usually gently remind them whose temple it is. (In this case it's Ganesha's.)
No temple management gets by without criticism. It comes with the job. There is no way you can please everyone. I was such a trustee once upon a time, and its not easy. Another point I make with critics is just that, and if necessary, a more curt, "Why don't you apply for the job?"

The other argument is the giving to relieve poverty versus giving to the temple. This will never end. Gallons of milk are poured over deities in the ritual of abhishekham every day in temples everywhere. The deity wears gold and jewels. Why not fight poverty first?

Again, this is my opinion. if the regular person isn't feeling good about himself, isn't happy spiritually, then he won't want to give anyway, to anybody. The temple's duty is to uplift everyone who comes. Its far beyond poverty or caste, or class. If the temple did it's job, the devotee will walk outside, be in a loving mood, and give. Here at our temple we have a food donation box at the door. It does get filled. Why do beggars hang out around temples of India? For this very reason. Many people give to both: religion, and charity. It is really up to the individual. But yes, it is a very tough call. To complicate things, we have professional beggars.

Poverty has nothing to do with wealth. It has to do with the distribution of wealth. The top ten billionaires of India could eliminate a lot of poverty. But they don't. Why? Because they are stuck in an area of consciousness that simply won't allow it.

Sorry for rambling. But it makes for good discussion.

Aum Namasivaya