View Full Version : First Hinduism Summit in the NJ-NY-PA Tristate area

10 October 2009, 01:10 PM
You are invited to a Hinduism Summit that will feature prominent Hindu Leaders from the NJ-NY-PA Tristate area. This will be a free, interactive event for anyone who is interested in understanding, living or preserving Hinduism. It will also be shown on our websites after the event for viewers all over the world.
The aim of this Summit is to propagate the unique science and knowledge underlying Hinduism concepts and practices through recitation of Holy mantras, speeches by Hindu leaders, a novel exhibition of posters, books and spiritual products. It welcomes anyone interested in Hinduism, regardless of race, religion, country or ethnic background.
It will be held in the Marathi Vishwa Community Center in NJ, USA on 24th October this year from 2.30 to 6 pm.
The Hinduism Summit aims to bring together Hindu leaders across the NJ-NY-PA tristate area to foster education about Hinduism. This Hinduism Summit follows the success of recent similar Summits in Virginia, USA and London, UK held by FHA, and over 100 such Dharma Sabhas held all over India by HJS.
It is receiving blessings and support from Hindus around the world, the latest being the blessings from Jagadguru Sri Shankaracharya Swami Jayendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamkoti Peeth and P.P. Pande Maharaj of Sanatan Sanstha.
For more information please visit our website.
http://www.forumforhinduawakening.org/events/event.php?id=21 (http://www.forumforhinduawakening.org/events/event.php?id=21)