View Full Version : Can you please recommend a book ...

09 November 2009, 10:30 PM
...about the attitudes of Hinduism towards women and sex and how it chanced in the course of history?

For instance I read that in earlier times there were communities were women owned the houses, not their husbands.

Draupadi of Mahabharata has 5 husbands.

And I read that in erlier times in South-India a cloth around the waist was sufficient for women as a dress (the brests were left naked) - until customs were chanced by high-caste Hindus from the North who came to settle in the South in order to escape Islam rulership.

The attitude towards sex should have changed as well considering that societies tend to become all the more prude the lower the social rank of women is.
Nowadays Hinduism is so very prude - sex is only for begetting children, but when you look at some of the older temples (Mohendarjo, don't know how to write it) and consider that Kamasutra is a Sutra things must have been different at some times.

Can someone recommend books about these themes?