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25 January 2010, 01:57 PM
All these shlokas are from the Kulaarnava tantra.

Actually it is called vyutpatti, for these words---

mananaattattvaroopasya devasyaamitatejasah
traayate sarvabhayatahstasmanmantrah itiritaha

In the word mantra(in view of sanskrit) ma means to meditate
(mananaat) on the form of the ishtadevata and tra means to deliver
us from all kinds of fear(samsara bhaya mainly) .

vyakhya-- Therefore before japa one should do rupa dhyaan of
krishna and then do japa also doing like this causes the mind stay
on krishna's rupa while doing japa.No other thoughts to become mind
chancal happen. In parashara samhita japa and dhyana are said to
be interlinked.

japa --
janmaantara sahasreshu krta papa pranaashanat
paradevaprakaashaacha japa itybhidhiyate

In the word japa -- ja means to remove the paap accumulated since
1000's of years and pa means pratyaksh(apperance of the lord) of
whom we do japa.

vyakhya -- This is the main lakshya of japa,the ishtdevata should
come pratyaksh by our japa.

krushna(in sanskrit)--
krushischa paramaanande nascha taddasyakarmani
tayordaataa cha yo devastena krushna prakirtitaha
(brahma vaivarta purana)

krush-- means paramaanand and na his daasya,the giver of these
two results(tayordataa) is lord krushna.

gushabdastv andhakaaraha syaat rushabda stannirodhakaha
andhakaara nirodhatvaat gururityabhidhiiyate

In the word guru -- gu means andhakaar(ignorance),ru the remover
of that andhakaar ,therefore one who removes ignorance is called as guru.

shariram artham pranaanscha sadgurubhyo nivedya yaha
gurubhyaha shikshate yogam shishya ityabhidhiiyate

Shish means to offers his body,money,life for the sake of guru and ya
to recieve knowledge from guru is called a shishya(chela).

bhajanaat paraya bhaktyaa manovaakkaaya karmabhih
taratya akhila dukhaani tasmaad bhakta itiritaha

One who does param(supreme) bhakti with his mind,voice and body
offered to the lord and who crosses all unhappiness is known
as bhakta.

One who follows(acharati) his niyamas,dharma and at the same times
makes his shishya to follow the niyamas is called as acharya.

That which gives aananda to devataas and makes them melt with
compassion for us is known as mudra .

vyakhya --The namaste which we do is also a mudra and there are
more than 54 kinds of mudras.ex - swagata mudra,bhairavi mudra.. etc


10 March 2010, 08:38 AM
Thanks,great info