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05 February 2010, 01:29 AM

when i was christian, i know all of peoples my friends, family, father etc who not receive my "jesus" will burn in hell. They is a different people with different mind set. They not evil, they is ordinary peoples, so i must understand why the word "jesus" cannot entering their mind. Its so many many reason why my version about jesus cannot entering their mind ! (the one big proof is : when my friend tell someone about jesus, why they cannot receive ??? but when i talk with this people about jesus, they can receive !)
This is the proof !
after know this
can you guarantee if the peoples who cannot receive my version of jesus is because they is evil ? But why if other peoples talk about jesus, they can receive ?
imagine so much of reason who we closed eyes when others cannot receive our version about God !

In sanatana Dharma, if i not receive your explain about God, you will not curse me. Is no any theory if i am cannot receive your version about God i will burn in hell.

But abrahamic religion will closed their eyes about this fact. They will said peoples who cannot receive their version of jesus is under satan control!

but the TRUTH , Grace God, Baghavati was give me back in the right path.

now, the one Greatness of Sanatana Dharma God (who abhrahamic religion gods is not have) is:

Baghavati want even a small soul , all of souls back to Her. Dont care when these souls will back , if they have many reason to far away from Mother, Mother will do many ways to lead them back!!!

and the goal is, the Perfect Baghavati will be done this great job!!!

this is the BIG DIFFERENT in us!

Please, share another the BIG DIFFERENT !

Jai Ma