Krsna Das
07 February 2010, 03:15 PM
Dandavat Pranamas to everybody !

I am creating this new thread, where I will post some past-times of Mahaprabhu in a simple and concise form, like a story.


Mukunda datta was a brahmin. When Mahaprabhu used to sing and dance the whole night in Naam- sankirtan at the house of Srivas Pandit, Mukunda-datta also sometimes sang and danced with Mahaprabhu. Now, although Mahaprabhu is Krsna himself, but he always played as if he is a devotee of Krsna, and not Krsna himself. Such avtaras are called "chhanna-avtar" (छन्न-अवतार or "incarnation in disguise"). But Mahaprabhu would sometimes, also manifest his maha-prakaash leela, where he appeared as Supreme Person himself, but only in front of his confidential associates. At that time, his body was covered with effulgant rays, like that of Sun. At that time, he would mercifully, give his blessings to all the devotees.

During one such incident, all the devotees were seeking his special blessings. Mukunda datta was also present there at that time. When Srivas Prabhu (who is none other than Devarshi Narada) requested Mahaprabhu to give his blessings to Mukunda-datta also, Mahaprabhu at once became very angry and said -
"This person, Mukunda-datta is a hypocrite. Some times he falls at my feet and begs for my blessings, and another moment he comes running with stones in his hands to hurt me. How can I be pleased with such a person?"

Srivasa asked - " I can't understand you Mahaprabhu. Please explain what apraadha has Mukunda committed at your feet?"

Mahaprabhu replied - "When we are doing naam-sankirtan, then he comes and dances with us. But when the impersonalists are discussing Sri-Yoga-Vashishtha-Maha-Raamayan and Sariraka-bhashya, at that time also he listens to there discourses, with rapt-attention. This is like beating me with sticks and stones. Since he has committed this offense, he will never be delivered from this material creation."

On hearing this Mukunda datta said - " Alas ! What is the use of maitaining this body, which is full of offenses against the Supreme Lord. I will at once jump in Ganga and give up this body". Srivasa then begged Mahaprabhu - "You are the most merciful Lord, is there no possibility of deliverance of Mukunda datta?"

Mahaprabhu said "He might be delivered only after taking millions of birth, but not now."

When Mukunda datta heard that he will be delivered, but after millions of births, he felt jubiliation in his heart and tears felt from his eyes and he said
"Aaaha Mahaprabhu ! You will deliver me after one million births, ebven though I have committed an offense against you! Who can be more merciful than you, O Supreme Lord?" When Mahaprabhu saw Mukunda Datta dancing in ecstancy, his heart melted, and he could no longer maintain his false anger and he said -"Mukunda datta, your one million births have passed within this one second. Actually, your life is filled with devotion. You haven't committed any offense. I have enacted this past-time to educate the people in general, that they should hear only the things which are favourable for Bhakti"

Story finished. Time to sleep.

Hare Krsna

Krsna Das
12 February 2010, 04:04 AM
The Story of Naroji

This happened during Mahaprabhu's tour of South India. When Mahaprabhu was on his way to enter the jungles of Chorbandi, people requested Mahaprabhu not to make his way in these Jungles, since it was the residence of dacoits. Mahaprabhu replied -"I am akincana-sanyasi. What posessions do I have?, and what will they take away from me?", and therefore Mahaprabhu entered in this forest. It was so thick that even during day time, sun-light could barely reach the ground.

Mahaprabhu, sat under a tree and started singing "Mahamantra" in a mild voice. Hearing this sankirtana, the leader of dacoit group called Naroji, approached Mahaprabhu and requested him - "Kindly accept your alms at my house today, if you please". By just having a glimpse of the Lord, all of his demoniac mentality had vanished, immediately.

Lord replied - "Brother, I am a sanyasi, and a sanyasi should be satisfied with only whatever little is necessary for maintainance of one's body. Therefore, you can bring from your home, a handful of grains. that will be sufficient for me. Hearing this Naroji brought some food from his home to offer to the Lord, and he saw that the Lord was very loudly singing Hare Krsna kirtan and he was dancing in ecstacy. Seeing this, the heart of Naroji melted away, and he became ashamed of himself and thought - "Ah ! I have committed grievious offenses all of my life, looting and then killing people for fulfillment of my own desires., but still, I have never felt satisfaction in my life. Satisfaction can be attained only by devotion to the Lord, whome I see dancing, right in the front of my eyes".

Thinking thus, he went again to the place where his group was, and he humbly paid his obesciences to all of them, including his wife and children and said - "Brothers ! I have lived most of my life in your association, since childhood; and unfortunately, I have committed only sins. By the mercy of Krsna, I can now realize this, and therefore, I have decided to leave each of you, and follow the path of bhakti, under the guidance of Mahaprabhu. "

On hearing this, all his associates started weeping bitterly, and his family requested him not to leave them. All the moments which they had shared with Naroji, started appearing in there minds. But Naroji had firmly decided to renounce everything.

Dear readers, this story is not simply of Naroji, but ourselves. One day, we will also have to leave all of our relationships, our friends children, businesse committments, jobs, and also this body. Therefore bhagwatam says - "panca-saurdhavam vanam-vrajet"- at the age of 50, one should accept renunciation (vairagya), give up the association of his family, house and relatives, and associate himself with the pure devotees of the Lord, and do purushartha for attaining his parmartha. He should bathe himself with the dust of the lotus feet of these devotees (Mahat-pAd-rajo-abhishekam), so that he can attain the highest perfection of this human-life, which is attained only by the mercy of Lord.

When the devotees at Puri requested Mahaprabhu to atleast accompany one brahmin with him, so that he will take care of him; Mahaprabhu refused. But Naroji, who was a dacoit formerly, Mahaprabhu accepted his request, and accompanied him, till the end of Naroji's life. Why? These secrets are revealted to a person surrendered to Mahaprabhu.
Naroji used to always take care of Mahaprabhu's requirements, during the time he attained sanga of Mahaprabhu.

When mahaprabhu reached a city called Baroda in Maharashtra, it was here that Naroji, while chanting the holy names of the Lord, gave up his body. Mahaprabhu wept as if he was his own swajan - a personal associate, and himself performed his last rites.

By the mercy of Mahaprabhu, [who is Krsna himself disguised as his own devotee], Naroji attained the Supreme abode (Divya-Vrndavan Dham), after giving up his body.

Krsna Das
05 March 2010, 09:27 AM
Story of Maulana Siraj-uddin Chand Kazi

Chand Kazi was a governer of mayapur during Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's time, and he was working under the king called Nawab Hussian Shah.

Chand Kazi is none other than the incarnation of Demon Kamsa in Krsna Leela (therefore Mahaprabhu called him "mama" (maternal uncle)). He seems to be always averse to the Lord in his past-times, but he is an eternal associate of the Lord.

Similary this Nawab Hussain Shah is incarnation of Demon Jarasandha in Krsna leela.

Once, Chand Kazi tried to bring hindrance to Sankirtan Movement of Mahaprabhu, threatening to either kill the devotees and that will have to forcefully accept Islam, if they continue to do sankirtan in the streets of Nadiya.

He broke one of the mridanga drum to pieces, which was being played by the devotees.

When mahaprabhu came to know of this, he ordered all the devotees to form a very large group, and march towards Chand Kazi's residence while doing Sankirtan. When Kazi saw such a big crowd, he became fearful and hid himself in his house. Mahaprabhu knocked at his door and said "Mama, don't worry, we will not harm you. We are your guests. Is this the way to treat your guests?"

Then after a while, Kazi opened the door. Mahaprabhu asked him -"Previously you had threatened the devotees and forbade them to do sankirtan, but now there are so many devottes in front of you and you are hiding in your house? Why don't you now forbid the devotees from doing sankirtan?"

Kazi replied - "Yesterday, In my dream, a very fearful person appeared. His face was that of a lion and the rest of the body was that of a human. He was looking very angry and said to me - You have committed an offense at the Lotus feet of Krsna by hindering the Sankirtan movement. So you will get a punishment, and saying this, he made a scratch with his sharp nail on my chest. See this."

Chand Kazi showed the mark on his chest and said -"After this, I became very fearful and therefore, now I never stop anybody from doing Sankirtan".

Later on Mahaprabhu had discussion with Chand Kazi on Islam and it's meat-eating practices. During this discussion, Mahaprabhu said that the scriptures of your religion are adhunik or recently compiled, and they are not sanatan-sastra. They have been compiled without thoroughly understanding the essense of dharam or the true religion of rightouesness.

This is a very long story. I am posting here in brief.

Later on, Kaazi promised that he, as well all his generations will always guard this Sankirtan movement against any hinderances.

Even today, all the devotees visit the mazaar of Kaazi during Nabadwipa Parikrama, in order to pray to Lord Gauranga Krsna, that he may sprinkle his mercy on us, just as he gave his mercy to Maulana Siraj-uddin Chand Kaazi.

This is the samadhi of Kaazi, below the neem tree.

http://www.google.co.in/images?q=tbn:eH60n3SK2EVhPM::farm1.static.flickr.com/63/163714644_c126ecd515_o.jpg&h=94&w=125&usg=__viSX_H1CNaLYoS3buHL0YPmerv8= (http://www.google.co.in/imgres?imgurl=http://farm1.static.flickr.com/63/163714644_c126ecd515_o.jpg&imgrefurl=http://flickr.com/photos/14269353%40N00/163714644&h=1224&w=1632&sz=241&tbnid=eH60n3SK2EVhPM:&tbnh=113&tbnw=150&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dchand%2Bkazi%2Bsamadhi%2Bphoto&hl=en&usg=__tcvSD1t8QKXsIsCRITzKDf-mM2s=&ei=BRKRS4_NEYSyrAfqlpSXCw&sa=X&oi=image_result&resnum=1&ct=image&ved=0CAsQ9QEwAA)