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08 February 2010, 04:11 PM

This Brahman is GOLD, and the Jagat is a jewellery store (bhandaar) .

Ishvara is the Cosmic Person who shapes this malleable gold using His Maya shakti. (He is otherwise too busy with His madhur pastimes in VrndAvan as well as in meditation on Kailash and telling sweet stories of His own 'other' forms to Ishvari).

So Ishvara is the owner of this jewellery shop, and MAyA shakti (the Avyakta PRakrti, unmanifest Nature) is His artisan.

But wait ... Ishvara is this collective GOLD itself , Who manifests as its Supreme-most set of designer jewellery of the Highest Quality.

The entire store is His Vishwa Roop (Universal Form) , since there can be nothing that is not in Him and outside of Him.

The walls , tables, chairs, showcases of this store are all made of the same GOLD. The air in the shop is also golden!

VasanAs (desires) are the creative designs that are the reason why the jewellery takes shape, each time a better and finer design than the earlier one.
This girl called MAyA flips thru' the designer magazines and finds the correct designs for the week.
This girl (BAlA) , is actually an aspect and energy of the Brahman-GOLD, in unmanifest form.

As time passes , more jewellery is bought , sold, shaped, molten, re-shaped, as the customers called Sanchit, Agami and PrArabdha keep visiting.

Some of the jewellery has evolved to such an extent that there are no more designs (vAsanA) , the magazine is exhausted, MAyA is at a creative loss. She gives up and hands the pure GOLD back to Ishvara.

- dedicated to my Lord , Shri KRshna , ParamAtmA, ParaBrahman, who alone IS, who enables all thought, and who as HRshikesha drives this miniscule, insignificant piece of jewellery [crazy :)]

Jai Shri Krshna


BG 10.10: To those who are constantly devoted to serving Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me.
BG 10.11: To show them special mercy, I, dwelling in their hearts, destroy with the shining lamp of knowledge the darkness born of ignorance.

09 February 2010, 11:58 AM

This Story of GOLD was the result of following conversation elsewhere :

My understanding is that since Brahman only exists and nothing else there is no 'me' and there is no 'forum' thus there is 'no' one administering the forum. This forum, this conversation is not real.

Since you, me, grames are not real, and there is only one entity called Brahman there are no 'real' differences thus the complaints and objections are not real. It is all Brahman.

***In that case you should also not react to me.*** {Good answer Atanuji}
Part answer to your conundrum is given above and I will add:

Can you say in dream that this bread that I am eating is a dream bread? Only after waking that can be said.

While in dream, whatever needs be done will be done. But one who has waken up even for a moment will not fear the nightmares any more.

Om Namah Shivaya

hahaha..."While in dream, whatever needs to be done will be done."

Very funny and very convienient.

I wish not to pursue further since I am still in a dream.
One question comes to mind since I am in a dream and this prescription is also given in a dream, how do I know that it will work after I wake up? You need not answer...it's a question for self.

So I figured, how about putting real and not real, dream and waking (and chloroforms!) aside for a moment ?

Simply noticing that we are just simply that gold that is so malleable, that we hang on to thinking we are this intricate piece of jewellery , and forget that we are the same gold. That seems enough to wake up from the
"I am a necklace, you are a bracelet" dream.

like in this part :

Since you, me, grames are not real, and there is only one entity called Brahman there are no 'real' differences thus the complaints and objections are not real. It is all Brahman.

I agree to the above, they are not real in the sense , just waves , occurrences on the side that do not deserve "our attention".
In fact , at that stage, it would be so tedious to pay attention to all things that are simply passing by! Its the other way around !

The efforts to understand the real and dream theoretically Vs. efforts required for a Jnani to notice differences.

Which is more tedious ?

That is why perhaps 'eternal Vs. transient' will be more acceptable to someone new to advaita reading this rather than 'real Vs. dream' . Just a thought.