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11 February 2010, 10:27 PM
When you reach a level of enlightenment and you see reality like a dream.. and can engage it like a dream. You have no desires.. What then what do you do? Meditate for an eternity? Or do you walk always performing good Karma?
I recall one of Buddha's students abusing his knowledge and would chase after woman.. The Buddha disapproved of his actions and then reproved him.
I just wonder if you reach enlightenment that you can effect reality like a dream thus you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between awake from sleep.. I worry about this because I may somehow hurt someone unintentionally.. For example screw with their view point or something..
I know one thing.. I'm in complete agreement with the Buddha when he forbade enlightened people to not perform miracles.. I live North of New York City, Boston, and a few others.. If word got out that somone could perform miracles and is healing the sick.. I would be in a terrible situation.. Everyone would flock to me.. I know if I tried like Jesus did when he told his first healing miracle "Do not tell others of what I have done." He went and told people anyway.. So I refuse to use miracles even if I have the capabilities to. When you are enlightened can you tell the difference from awake and asleep? I really hope so.. What do you do while you still walk in this current incarnation? Does Hinduism have the rainbow body phenomena like in Tibetan Buddhism? I'm sorry if this post doesnt make sense.. I just need to get these things in my mind dealt with..

12 February 2010, 01:55 AM
Hi Tirisilex
Before that realisation/enlightenment you are the doer of actions, or at least you believe yourself to be the doer of actions and so you express your concerns of their outcome. On realisation you no longer continue to be the doer. Instead doing is something which happens and you simply witness it. That includes making decisions or more complicated actions, emotions and thoughts.

So whilst you believe yourself to be the doer of actions, you will logically be concerned about the outcome of your actions. Just as you sensitively describe below. You will carry the responsibilities and the karma from your actions. That is fine as long as you are happy, so during that time the best advice is to try to not act on desires which could affect others negatively whilst trying to devote all the results of actions to God. The Bhagavad Gita describes this in beautiful detail; very much better than my explanation.

When enlightenment dawns you will see that everything was just happening as part of a greater phenomena; Brahman. Desire, fear, doubt and even ups and downs of happiness will no longer play such a role in determining you and your actions. Rather you will act from best of intentions (sattva) and you will see that there is not a solid you who is driving the actions. You may find you spend time in mediation or perhaps have a family and job; it will no longer be of very much concern personally. You will act with goodness and will not cause harm to others or alert people unnecessarily of any grace you receive. You may also find that others will not necessarily require or ask for help. Nor is it likely to have the same ability to perform the miracles like Jesus, Jesus was unique, so do not desire such power or be too concerned about any changes please. To arrive at the state of enlightenment I suggest study of the scriptures and later the gentle guidance of a Guru will appear when you require it most.

I do not know of any rainbow body phenomena in Hinduism (sanatana Dharma).

I hope my brief reply puts your mind at ease if only just a little. :)

13 February 2010, 09:07 PM
I had to read your post twice to get it.. I'm slow.. YES it does put my mind to ease. Thank you!

05 April 2010, 03:05 PM
Noble-minded are they all, but the wise man I hold as my own Self; for he, remaining always at peace with Me, makes me his final goal. After many lives, at last the wise man realises Me as I am. A man so enlightened that he sees God everywhere is very difficult to find.

They in whom wisdom is obscured by one desire or the other, worship the lesser Powers, practising many rites which vary according to their temperaments. But whatever the form of worship, if the devotee have faith, then upon his faith in that worship do I set My own seal.

If he worships one form alone with real faith, then shall his desires be fulfilled through that only; for thus have I ordained. The fruit that comes to men of limited insight is, after all, finite. They who worship the Lower Powers attain them; but those who worship Me come unto Me alone.

The ignorant think of Me, who am the Unmanifested Spirit, as if I were really in human form. They do not understand that My Superior Nature is changeless and most excellent. I am not visible to all, for I am enveloped by the illusion of Phenomenon. This deluded world does not know Me as the Unborn and the Imperishable.

But those who act righteously, in whom sin has been destroyed, who are free from the infatuation of the conflicting emotions, they worship Me with firm resolution. Those who make Me their refuge, who strive for liberation from decay and Death, they realise the Supreme Spirit, which is their own real Self, and in which all action finds its consummation.

Those who see Me in the life of the world, in the universal sacrifice, and as pure Divinity, keeping their minds steady, they live in Me, even in the crucial hour of death.

Aum Mani Padme Hum
Aum Namoh Narayanaya
Aum Namoh Bhagavateh Vasudevayah