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24 February 2010, 09:13 AM
Hare Krshna

I thank A. C. BhaktivedAnta SwAmi PrabhupAd, and ISKCON Devotees worldwide for granting me the privilege of their association,
Just as I thank the noble sadasya of HDF for granting me the privilege of their association.

I would also like to thank ISKCON BBT ( BhaktivedAnta Book Trust ) and all wonderful devotees behind and/or at Krishna.com (http://www.krishna.com).


Many years ago I wondered - how can one possibly have any Sadhu Sanga if one cannot / does not step out of the house in this life ?

A few years later....... when the Lord of your heart is with you, what do you lack ?
Nothing ! Yet, He knows the deep desires , smiles , and showers you with this grace -
A place where you can hear and talk about Him to no end :)

This is how my Lord led me to Swami PrabhupAd's teachings, books and followers
purely and only on the internet - with one exception when I visited one Temple on a Thursday afternoon, missing the afternoon Arati by 5 minutes (long travel) , there were 3 devotees , and RAdhA-MAdhav, Gaura Nitai, JagannAth-Baladev-SubhadrA , GirirAj, RAdhA- GiridhAri, Chaitanya paintings and transcendental silence.

Sadhu sang right from home ! Lord, You are simply amazing.

I had read/skimmed thru' their books before coming in contact with the devotees online, so knew I had many differences in philosophical details/practices.
However, I share a strong common bond with ISKCON devotees . And that bond is ? BhagvAn Shri Krshna of course.

Krshna is the common denominator. The power of His mAdhurya is so great that one can live thru' the fact that every X energy spent in positive preaching of Krshna is associated with 2X in refuting 'mAyAvAd', 'those jnanis' :)
Sometimes it is thoroughly amusing too. It is Vaishnav Leela.
Although becoming one with Brahman was never on my mind , my heart went out to those jnanis, and felt pain for the Advaita saints nevertheless.

Also, I realize now that it is my association that could have been bad for them had I spoken much, though not the other way around, and I love them always.

This is the magic of Krshna.


Thanks to the hard work and dedication of these people to bring Divine Nectar such as Shrimad Bhagvatam, Brahman Samhita , Vaishnav Calendar services on-line,

- for the hard bound BG AS IT IS that lies on the shelf. Although many of us disagree with some translations and purports, one can learn from it, there is word-translation of the Sanskrt, and a ref. index of verses/padas , also English keywords , at the back.

- for the Transcendental KRshna Art, depicting His pastimes. (One can find a range of items at the Krshna.com book store - books, music, clothes, puja sAmagri...)

Thank You Krishna.com (affiliate of BBT)
- For all on-line camera darshan of Temples , letting me be Alice in Wonderland : point and click - to participate in the Bhog Arati across the globe.

- For Temple radios, lovely Kirtans
- For being the window into many Temple websites
and for all Gaudiya Vaishnav ShikshA.

Humble praNAms to all

amalaki EkAdashi
Feb 24, 2010

25 February 2010, 01:39 AM
Reading someone's experience and also a simple thank you note like this brings in me so much pleasure.

Oh dear Bhaktha, thank you for sharing this note of thanks and all glories to our beloved Lord Krishna.

25 February 2010, 02:13 PM
Yes, it is a beautifully encapsulated sentiment.