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03 September 2006, 04:52 AM
"O Pluto, Thou shalt not be a planet henceforth" is the astronomer's decree.

During the days of Galileo, the ecclesiastical decrees decided everything. Now the
episcopacy is sidelined.

Is pluto going to be born again, or will be tossed into the eternal flames?

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03 September 2006, 05:57 AM
Namaste Sudarshan,

Pluto was always a rather doubtful planet, and it has never been considered among the Grahi.

03 September 2006, 08:23 AM
Moon was a planet, and Earth will be a satellite!

According to Thesophical literature, what we now call the Moon is the last remnant of a much larger globe, which was the physical planet of the third chain, holding the same position in the third chain that the Earth holds in the fourth chain.

In the seventh round of the Earth Chain, the Moon will disintegrate entirely, so that the Earth will be without a satellite. The Venus Chain, now in its seventh round, has no satellite. But some 150 years ago a number of astronomers recorded observations of a satellite of Venus, with a diameter estimated at 2,000 miles. Although it is usually supposed that those astronomers were mistaken, it seems more probable that the satellite did exist when they made their observations, but has since then disappeared, as will our own satellite in our seventh round.

It seems when the Moon breaks up in the seventh round, its matter will be used (with, presumably, some of that of the Earth) to build a new world, which will be the only physical globe of the fifth chain of our Scheme of Evolution. To that new globe whatever remains of the Earth will act as a satellite, just as the Moon now serves the Earth.

Schemes, Chains, Rounds and Globes
Now what are these schemes, chains and rounds?

Theosophy speaks about schemes, chains and rounds of evolution of our solar system. There are seven schemes (Vulcan, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) of evolution going on currently, with three more to come (that are unnamed as of now). The seven schemes are in different stages of evolution. Under each scheme, there are seven chains, each chain with seven rounds of eovlution.

The earth and the other planets are known as globes. Our own earth is one of a series of 7 globes: that series is known as a chain, and the earth is the densest of the 7 globes of its chain.

The seven globes of the earth chain consist of:--
2 lower mental globes. (no matter denser than of lower mental world).
2 astral globes. (no matter denser than of astral world).
3 physical globes. (no matter denser than of physical world).

The seven globes of a chain are named Globes A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Of these names, C,D,E denote physical globes, B and F denote astral globes and A and G lower mental globes. The three physical globes of the Earth Chain are: Mars (C), Earth (D) and Mercuty (E).

The Hindu Puranas speak of the globes of our chain as Dvipas, the earth being called Jambudvipa.

Although the 7 globes of a chain all exist simultaneously, one one of them support full activity of life. Thus life starts at globe A. The after a vast period of time it passes to globe B (globe A becoming dormant) and so on.

The passage of the cycle of life round all 7 globes is known as a round. A round thus consists of 7 globe-periods, or world-periods, as they are sometimes called. When a round finishes, another starts at globe A until 7 rounds are over. These seven rounds constitute a chain.

Our final table of evolution of our Solar System works out as:

7 globe-periods = 1 round.
49 globe-periods = 7 rounds = 1 chain-period.
343 globe-periods = 49 rounds = 7 chain-periods = 1 Scheme of Evolution.
10 Schemes of Evolution = our Solar System.

We are in the Earth Scheme (the third), where the current stage of evolution is in the fourth chain, fourth round (mid point).

God willing, I shall compile more of this material for my 'Spiritual Inquiries' series, attempting to correlate the knowledge with the revelations of our Hindu scriptures.

Compiled from the book The Solar System by Arthur E. Powell