View Full Version : Reservation- blue print of a new Pakistan

14 March 2010, 12:35 AM
Reservation- blue print of a new Pakistan

After this women reservation, it is a matter of time before 15$ and 3% seats are reserved for muslims and xians. Yadav castist chieftains are demanding it, with eyes on muslim vote bank. Mamata too is in favour as she wants to break CPM hold on W. Bengal. Congress has to lpump for it sooner or later.

Then it would be back to 1946 when such a reservation took place and India was partitioned. A solid block of about 20% will be enough to put a muslim as a PM. And another Pakistan, with a much bigger chunk going off. This time around the genocide of Hindus will be very, very high.

Is BJP and Hindus blind or they have a death wish?