View Full Version : Ram Varma's book on Ramayana

16 March 2010, 09:17 AM
Ramayana, the Hindu epic, after all, makes for sumptuous food for imagination. It is replete with colorful and fascinating gods, goddesses and characters, whose visual representations are equally imaginative and spiritually uplifting. Colorful portraits of RAMA, hanuman, adorn the walls and puja rooms of almost every Hindu household in India but here it also abets Mr. Ram Varma’s book - Before He was God, Ramayana, Reconsidered, recreated.

Ram Varma’s rendering “Before He was God, Ramayana, and Reconsidered, recreated” is refreshingly different from the Valmiki’s Ramayana where ram is a historical figure like Krishna or Buddha..His re-creation takes support on the bedrock of the latest textual, sociological and archeological research. In his own words, “the story recited by the well meaning pundits of Puranic times was an senseless exaggeration. It was vital to restore the attention of the viewers or the readers, but this beautiful story did not need any artificial support. Its beauty remains undiminished even in a realistic portraiture of events. Ram Varma captures those vignettes and there is an aroma in his rendering which gives the pleasant smell of an odor of Vedic times.”

The book will be launched on the ocassion of Ram Navmi, on 24th march, 2010.