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20 March 2010, 12:02 PM
Hell my fellow Earth-dwellers,

I just stumbled upon this forum today while learning about nootropics, read some threads and felt there are some good people here, that I'd like to know and get guidance from. Also some ignorants here and there, but hey, we all have a place and save a purpose, right ? :)

So a little about myself: I'm 28, live in Romania, know as good as nothing about Hinduism, and so I will keep a very open mind, to anything that makes sense. What little I do know comes from watching a lot of Deepak Chopra videos, and also reading a few sites. I 'dabble' in a lot of things, and this will probably one of those experiences. I hope to pick up at least a few good habits here, some insights, techniques and practical advice that has come to light over the thousands of years of spiritual practice that this tradition has gathered.

I'm very inexperienced as a meditator, and by far the most enlightening spiritual experiences I have ever had came from my explorations with hallucinogenic substances (Salvia Divinorum, LSA seeds and crystal form DMT). Unfortunately, the states achieved in this way do not last, and although the information received is very good, it also tends to dissipate, once the effects wear off. Advice on how to put this more into daily practice will be greatly appreciated, and also I hear there are techniques to increase the levels of DMT produced naturally, by the Pineal gland. Very interested in that :D

Finally, one of my trips with LSA-containing seeds took me in visions over the Himalayas, where some Buddhist monks were chanting mantras in overtone, like is customary in Tibet. Ever since that day, for almost a year now, I have become interested in, and have been practicing overtone chanting, so if anyone here is into that (working with voice, sound, overtone chanting) please share your insights.

I will now head on to the other sections, and try to get more informed. Cheers, Namaste, and have a fine day ;)

Eastern Mind
20 March 2010, 03:47 PM
Explorer: Welcome to the forums. What you say is basically what we say as Hindus, or at least some of us. Hallucinogenics are temporal and should be avoided in favoor of bhaktio or meditation which are far more lasting. So glad to hear you have discovered that for yourself.

We are a varied lot and you will get varying opinions here, as you said.

Aum Namasivaya

20 March 2010, 05:35 PM
Hallucinogenics are temporal and should be avoided in favoor of bhaktio or meditation which are far more lasting.

IMO they both have a place, hallucinogens AND meditation practice, in balance and supporting each other. But that remains to be explored for each of us individually, there is no one solution for everyone :)