View Full Version : NDTV continues it's anti-hindu propaganda .

28 March 2010, 11:07 PM
Namaste members,

Of course we all know the greatness of our foreign funded & politically biased media. They are to liberate the Indian society from all forms of evil and dogmatic hindu traditions or may be from hinduism itself? That said, they continue their persuasion of eroding hindu values from india and there is nothing new in that, but what I see new is they and in particular NDTV has even lost the veneer of psuedo-secularism.

Yes after calling Hussains acceptence of foriengn citizenship as 'shame for indian democracy' and branding astrologers as next to murderers, they are typically emancipating indian villages from witch crafting these days, as if its really a medieval france :) . A month ago I saw a NDTV show in which the channel believed there is overdose of religiousness in contemporary hindu society and that is making us backward. Huh overdose of religion in kaliyuga?:(

Now all the same NDTV completely missed muslims vandalizing hindu shops in karnatka, just because a writer named Tasleema nasreen questions the benefits of wearing burkha. Wait NDTV even missed a muslim leader calling women as sex machines:o, born by allah to produce or rather generate special boys. Surprisingly,it wasnt a shame for the Moral values of the channel

Oops NDTV also missed talking about Riot-hit bariely ,where muslims started vandalizing hindu shops just because Police had arrested a hate spreading mulla after his wicked and communal speech.

So now the new era has begun, we wont even see our media highlighting the unnecessary and disgusting violence like in karnatka or bareily or hear media people even criticizing the words of mullah like kalwe jawwaad . Any body with any clue ?