View Full Version : Ayurveda.... What is its power?

upsydownyupsy mv ss
10 April 2010, 06:00 AM
I personally want to take Ayurveda in the future. But my father says Ayurveda doesn't have a bright future and asks me to take the Allopathic course(as it is more modern with modern technologie).I've heard Ayurveda is natural and near to nature and from the vedas. Even though both courses can help me become a better human as both would help to gain knowledge of how the body works(telling me about god's wonders). But which to choose? I want logical answers. Answer from your head(left cerebrum) first, then your heart(right cerebrum), then use both and tell me. :p

10 April 2010, 07:53 AM
The problem with Ayurvedic medicine is the standards are not maintained. It contains Lead and other metals which are harmful to health.


While still there several traditional ayurvedic preparations which are being done in the traditional way for generations, we have to be careful with commercial establishments spoiling the good name of ayurvedic system by producing spurious drugs.