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16 April 2010, 07:51 PM
praNAm to all, who is my self

Thank You HDF
Thank You Satayji

I thank all my Gurus on HDF - you know who you are, and well, all localised AtmA that have been enlightening

I thank all my other shiksha Gurus elsewhere ,
Thank You Acharya Sadanandaji - he will get bored if this jiva thanks him one more time

Thank You to all other Gurus walking on earth, and not,
To all beings that have somehow or the other touched my existence

To all acharyas of the past that made a difference and continue to do so thru' their teachings and words...

To all those DevtAs who keep showering blessings

Thank You to the Beloved Lotus Eyed BhagavAn - Shri KRSNa Sarva kAraNa kAraNam who is my own SELF....

"What's wrong with you smaranam , all of a sudden ?"

I am not smaranam ... well not the way you think. I am you and he and she and it and they and these and those, and concepts and principles, and everything is me.....

Gurur BrahmA Gurur VishNu Guru Devo MaheshwarA
Guru sAkshAt parabrahman tasmai shri guruve namah

17 April 2010, 08:31 AM
The heart of this vessel is very fond of this post which is created by bliss...which was made by the piece of the divine who is called Smaranam<3

May someday all the pieces return to the whole and spend eternity singing in unison together<3