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11 May 2010, 10:27 AM
I have been requested to post this information here on HDF.


We invite you to attend this event online and request you to please post this on your forum, share this email with as many people as possible, as our service towards Dharma.

Those outside Melbourne can always view this historical event online at:

www.hinduawakening.org/events/melbourne (http://www.hinduawakening.org/events/melbourne)

Agenda is attached with this email.

Apart from discussions/speeches over understanding, living and preserving Hindusim, several other spiritual topics will be taken, such as:

- Spiritual healing through the handwriting of a Saint (video)
- Measuring spiritual vibrations emanating from an average person and a possessed person with the help of a pendulum (video)
- Video demonstration and science behind 'Taking Darshan of a Deity at the temple'

Please note: Swami Shankarananda Saraswati ji is also attending/addressing during the summit.

Those who are not able to attend the Summit personally, can always watch it live on webcast at www.hinduawakening.org/events/melbourne (http://www.hinduawakening.org/events/melbourne).

How this summit will serve Hinduism (Hindu Dharma)

<LI style="LINE-HEIGHT: normal; COLOR: rgb(31,73,125)" class=MsoNormal>Those who have been serving Hindu Dharma selflessly will come under one platform to urge Hindus to unite for the common good of Hindu Dharma. <LI style="LINE-HEIGHT: normal; COLOR: rgb(31,73,125)" class=MsoNormal>Reiterating the importance and understanding the value of Adhyatmic Shastra (spiritual science) in today’s world that has been given to us by our Rushi munis through our scriptures. <LI style="LINE-HEIGHT: normal; COLOR: rgb(31,73,125)" class=MsoNormal>To establish a common forum for creating awareness about the various forms of denigration of our Deities, rituals, Saints and Scriptures.
To arouse in our younger generation an understanding of the greatness and uniqueness of Hindu Dharma. Why we urge you to attend this Dharma sabha:

<LI style="LINE-HEIGHT: normal; COLOR: rgb(31,73,125)" class=MsoNormal>To become aware of the various challenges facing the Hindu Dharma today and to unite with your fellow Hindus from other paths/organizations to take up the common cause of preserving our Dharma against these challenges. <LI style="LINE-HEIGHT: normal; COLOR: rgb(31,73,125)" class=MsoNormal>Understand the significance of incorporating a sāttvik lifestyle to improve the quality of your life and your loved ones.
To provide you with any assistance in teaching your children on why they should be proud of the Hindu heritage (Dharma Education). To register for this event: Please visit us at www.hinduawakening.org/events/melbourne (http://www.hinduawakening.org/events/melbourne).