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15 June 2010, 10:28 PM
For those who may have missed it at the end of Darji's wonderful thread. MR posted a wonderful link to a program to figure out things without getting them incorrect(this is especially true for us in the west).

Many websites do not calculate birthdays over here correctly. This program actually filled in a lot of blanks for me as I began to fill in info.

After fiddling with it for many many days now, I really have to say how well it works!

Jagannatha Hora

http://www.vedicastrologer.org/jh/index.htm (http://www.vedicastrologer.org/jh/index.htm)

It will take me a life time to decipher much of it...but it's worth it.

Eastern Mind
15 June 2010, 10:40 PM
Vannakkam Naya:

You are getting treally good at jyotish, I presume. My wife recently ordered a book, (Under the Vedic Sky) and has been reading a lot. She keeps me informed.

Of course I believe in it, but I just don't hold the same interest as the likes of you and Yajvanji.

Aum Namasivaya

16 June 2010, 09:17 AM
Sounds like a very nice book! I recently gave away all my western books on astrology...some were so expensive.

But, I felt it only confused me more when I am trying to understand the Vedic way.

I suppose I have always been looking at the stars. But, it was my husband to rekindled the urge, along with Yajvan.

See, he was looking up tithi for me and discovered I was born in Shravana...I looked up the tithi for my exact birthdate and found it was Krishna Chaturdashi in Shravana..this day...is Siva's DAY. The Day.

When I saw Siva, I was immediately affected, I cried so hard. I knew immediately He is the name of the nameless God I had been praying to. To discover I was born on His day.

Then the new moon, my name since I was 13...and the eclipse, perhaps this was His way of making me look at the date further. I do not know.

All of this made me realize that I was set up this way from birth.

The numbers do not always make sense to me...I try very hard.

Most often, the numbers don't have anything new to tell us, they simply validate what we already know in another way.

It proves, that even from birth, this tiny piece of Siva was meant to find him again.

Edited- I discovered that I misread the gotra-