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04 October 2006, 08:51 PM
Hari Om

In the Chhandogya Upanishad there we find the Panchagni Vidya...
I would ask for someone to comment on the proper way to offer this vidya and perform this
sadhana... can someone advise? correct my underanding and advance the spiritual portions of this post?

Here's some points I can contribute -
Prana at its root is ‘ana’ which mean food, the food that creation depends upon to exist. This Prana has 5 forms ( some call Panchagni): Prana, Apana, Vyana, Udana and Samana. Each prana has a role and function to uphold the individual and ‘guides’ owns, etc specific areas.
Prana Sun/eyes/sight
Vyana dig bala/ears/hearing - dig bala is the 10 directions and their strength
Apana fire/speech - fire is also considered Agni and Divine Inspiration
Samana Heavens/rain/lightening/mind
Udana akasha/air/touch - akasa is space outside us and inside us (chit-akash)

Keeping the prana’s in balance brings health and spiritual advancement ( from Agni’s inspiration and others that assist us).
Many a person with this knowledge recognize and acknowledge these creative impulses on a daily bases. This usually is done when one takes in ‘food’ . We all know food means many things i.e. food taken in from our eyes, ears, etc.

For this conversation lets call food the nutrients that we ingest. It is considered auspicious to offer this food (ana) to the 5 prana’s that are within the individual. … its recommended in the Upanishads with the following:

Om Pranaya svaha
Om Vyanaya svaha
Om Apanaya svaha
Om Samaya svaha
Om Udanaya svaha

As we eat, we offer this to each creative impulse within us. For me , I allow my consciousness to go to each area ( eyes- seeing, ears-hearing, speech, etc);
this is the simple offering.

Please correct me accordingly and add to this sadhana...