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Eastern Mind
04 July 2010, 11:07 AM


NIYAMA 5 — Ishvarapujana, Worship

"Cultivate devotion through daily worship and meditation. Set aside one room of your home as God's shrine. Offer fruit, flowers or food daily. Learn a simple puja and the chants. Meditate after each puja. Visit your shrine before and after leaving the house. Worship in heartfelt devotion, clearing the inner channels to God, Gods and guru so their grace flows toward you and loved ones."

This goes without saying, yet I find it difficult personally, as I have yet the will to establish a time and place and stick to it. I have done daily puja in the past, but with little kids and distractions, I got out of habit. Noe it is an occasional sit, and at least once a week off to temple. Certainly it is an ideal to strive toward.

Aum Namasivaya