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06 July 2010, 10:28 AM

I don't understand why some are not interested in the truth for sake of their own choice
The dos and don'ts are provided in Vedas and nobody have any right to change if for anything.
Here I was stunned by some non vegetarians to say that Hinduism allows non-veg, from where did they get it? There were some who say that Nepal protected real Hinduism from Muslims and Hinduism in India that do not allows non-veg made this only to counter Islamic invasion, they justify non-veg for it.:mad:
But if that is true than why did Hindus in Bengal and Assam supported non-veg, and killing animals were Muslims made their own kingdom, and why did this non-veg do not get support from Hinduism in Uttrakhand which is at the border of Nepal? Also those muslim travellers who come to India during pre Islamic days always write that Hindus do not eat non-veg.;)

Some even says that vegetarianism was the effect of Buddhism and Jainism, but Buddhist and Jain texts don't show any such sign
Even Buddhism and Jainism have effect of Brahmanism; Vegetarianism was not made by Buddha or any Jain Tirhankkar, they adopted it from The Vedas:cool1:

Belive in truth belive in Vedas
ऋग्वेद सामवेद यजुर्वेद अर्थवेद