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15 October 2006, 12:38 PM
Hari Om


As I listen to others over the years there has been a theme that the Atman (Self) is within the body , as it has something to learn.
I have doubts. How can this be?

If this pure Atman, and extention , part and parcel of Brahman, is the ever silent witness (sakshi-caitanya), how can the Atman be the agent of learning? The Atman is action-less ( nishkriya) and the non-doer (akarta).

I understand it is the senses that act within the field of the senses ( the gunas act upon themselves) and present/offer the experience to the mind.
I can understand in ignorance (avidya) one may think the Atman is tightly coupled to the mind-sense and perhaps consider the Self the enjoyer. Yet it is the Atman that provides the light to the mind and intelligence, but uninvolved.

There can be no pains, yet there is samsara. Of what does the Infinite need to learn, as pure consciousness it is the basis of knowing.

The great Brahmarshi Gaudapada tells us the truth from his level of enlightement:
The supreme truth is this: there is no birth and no dissolution, no aspirant to liberation and no liberated, and no one who is in slavery
(Mandukyakarika, II, 32).

How this ignorance has a tight grip on the sadhu!