08 August 2010, 10:03 AM
We very familiar with the meaning of upnishad as "Upanishad means sit down and listening the lecture of guru"Its the just fake meaning produced by missionary Maxmular,Who in his death bed confirm that "Hinduism is either 500 yrs or 5000yrs old it will shrink the all human who followed it and only christanity rise"Do u belive this man,who has such thought?
Lets know that the real meaning of upanishad is "Parang ba brahma gamayati"which give us the brahma."Avidyadisamsara karanancha Atyantam abasadayati" that mean Avidya,Kam,Karma -they r the cause of family.If we not know ourself we belive in duality.If we belive in duality then we have many desire.Thae cause of "kam " is come from the duality that think jiva is a object and brahma another object.That mean they not know the gyan "Ahom brahmashmi" .
Illiteracy give us many view of greediness.This tamoshik desire then work hard to get that object.That mean worshipping karma give us only karma.
Then how a man become selfrealised?He must practice brahma vidya.wat is it?
"Om,Brahma dabanam prathama sambhubaI
Vishaysha karta vubanashya goptaII
Sa brahma vidyam Sarvavidyam-pratishtham
Arthabya jayshthaputriya prahaII1II"-Mundaka Upanishad
Brahma is defined by two mastro as follows.
"Sa purbeshamopi gurukalenanbachadyat"-patanjali(1/26) brahma is the universal teacher.
"Brahma paribredho mahan"-Sankaracarya.Brahma is ultimate.
The meaning of word "Sambhuba" is "Avibakta samakya swatantranetyavipraya" Who come from all direction with all existance.
He is satantra that mean self without bind."Vishaysha karta vubanashya goptaII"-he creat an and preserv the universe.He is the brahmavidy ,all knowledge come and unified with this ultimate knowledge.That proves its the mother of all knowledge.Brahma give this massage to his elder son.Who is his elder son?none but the self of full knowledge.In that point u may say do u belive ultimate has son? no I dont belive so I said its answer.
In this point upanishad also said "Atmabat Sarvabhutasu" that mean treat all as u trat urself.