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19 October 2006, 04:26 PM
Hari Om
Perhaps we can pursue some additional suktas?

rishi Madhuchcchandah Vaishvamitrah, the meter (chhandas) in this mantra gayatri, and deva is agni

RV 1.1.2
Agnih purvebhih rshibhih ido nutanaih uta
sa devan a iha vakshati

Agni ancient seers adorable new seers too.

Agni, adored by the ancient seers is adored by the news sages too. He brings the deva’s here. Agni is the divine will and is jatavata ( knows all births)

Rishi - the seer or kavi or drashta, of eternal truth, satyam.
purvebhih – ancient. this points to the lineage of agni’s respect and worship for from the tradition of seer’s.
iha – means our world, and the symbolism is a vedic alter; its extended to the inner eperince, being of the sacrificer (yajvan)
a + vakshati – or brings – i.e. agni brings the devas to the rishi and the aspirant/sadhu