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23 October 2006, 11:21 AM
Hari Om

We know the vast is Brahman, infinite. Even though we say niguna Brahman, and saguna Brahman, it is the wholeness of both that is this Brahman. That is infinite, this is infinite. There cannot be two infinites!
Om pUrNamadah pUrNamidam
pUrNAt pUrNamudachyate
pUrNasya pUrNamAdAya
Om shAntih, shAntih, shAntihi

Yet when the absolute chooses to manifest, it does so and creates the components for this material universe. These ‘raw materials’ are sometimes called mahabhuta. Maha = great and bhuta has at its root bhu or to become, to exist, also as bhu-loka for the material existence of this universe.
What are these bhuta’s or elements and in what order do they manifest?
Akasha – space, some say ether. Akasha provides the space for all material things to exist, yet is associated with sound (sabda), as space is the vehicle for sound to exist in. Akasha is associated with Brahman, as it is all places, all times and with out edge or end, it is ubiquitous.
Vayu – or air, gas, etc. and comes with two properties – that of touch (sparsa), which it owns, and that of sound, that accompanies akasha.
Tejas – fire, light, some say agni, yet this is only a component of agni. This comes with three properties, that is color and form , or rupa + the two previous properties of vayu and akasha.
Water – or apa, fluid, water, etc . It comes with its own property of taste or rasa, and the other 3 properties of tejas, vayu, and akasha.
Earth – or prthivi, material ~solid . It has its own property of smell or gandha, and also caontains the properties of the other four previously mentioned.

So, these Maha-bhutas work with and support the properties described , that is the tanmatras of sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell , or how WE experience and interact with the universe.

The Jyotisha's (Parashara muni, etc) say that these elements are lorded over by the graha's and this is how the universe also interacts with the native:
Akasha - Guru or Brihaspati ( Jupiter) some say Indra also.
Vayu - Shani (Saturn)
Tejas - Mangala ( Mars)
Apa - Sukara (Venus)
Prthivi - Budha ( Mercury)

From here one can see the influnce of the grahas/elements on the native and we then move to Ayurved and ones constitution of Kapha ( water element), Pitta ( tejas) and Vatta ( vayu)... these then have multiple permutations of Pitta-Kapha, Pitta- vatta, etc etc.

Please add to this post as you care to - perhaps how sattva, rajas and tamas come to play in this arena.