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18 October 2010, 11:38 AM
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I have been asked how to calculate ārūḍha pada and upa-pada. These have the abbreviations of AL for ārūḍha lagna, and UL for upapada lagna. Let me offer the following for ones interest.

Each house (bhāva¹) will have an ārūḍha. Hence we call them A1 , or A2... up to A12. Many astrologers just call it pada. Pada means a footstep , trace , vestige , mark.
Hence the 'ārūḍha-s mark' or step or location where it is mounted or where it resides . Mounted?

What is ārūḍha ?
Sanjay Rath says ārūḍha means 'mount' . Let me take the word just a little bit deeper. This ārūḍha आरूढ is defined as mounted , ascended , bestridden; risen ;
raised up , elevated on high; undertaken ; reached , brought to (often used in compounds e.g. indriyārūḍha , brought under the cognizance of the senses , perceived) ;
having reached or attained , come into ; the mounting , arising.

How to Calculate ?
The ārūḍha's calculation brings you to a new place within one's chart. How do you calculate this? This HDF post will assist: http://www.hindudharmaforums.com/showthread.php?p=13124#post13124 (http://www.hindudharmaforums.com/showthread.php?p=13124#post13124)

How many ārūḍha-s ?
We have different names for each ārūḍha. You would think if there are 12 houses then there are 12 ārūḍha-s , no?
Yes there are 12 but each house represents multiple things. There are about ~50 ārūḍha-s , and all have different names.

Some specific ārūḍha-s
The ārūḍha of the lagna ( the ascendent¹ ) is most popular and is just called the ārūḍha lagna or AL. So what does it tell you ? It is the 'reflection' of the 1st house,
of the lagna. It is how other people see you , how the world sees you. Perhaps even how you might see yourself , but not in absolute clarity of vision of your real core being.

Another pada that I am most fond of is the ārūḍha of the 5th house. We know this has much to do with higher knowledge. When the ārūḍha is calculated for this
5th house it is called mantra pada and you can suspect has much to do with higher knowledge via mantra vibration and the like.

Another ārūḍha is that of the 12th. It is here we find the calculation for UL upapada lagna. This is most interesting as the 12th house has multiple uses in jyotish.
It is a mokṣa house and therefore called the mokṣa pada, the ārūḍha of the 12th.

Now the 12 house has much to do with 'pleasures of the bed' and therefore with spouse ( I hope) and other vital congress that may occur. It is here that it is
recognized as the relationship with spousal information . It is called UL here upapada lagna, and is the ārūḍha of the 12th.

But isn't the 7th house the house of relationships? Sure no doubt as all types of relationships are seen in the 7th and the ārūḍha of the 7th house.
What makes the 12th different is the notion of 'pleasures or comforts of the bed' which is code for sexual congress and this from a dharmic point of view is preferred with one's spouse.

More on UL can be found here at this HDF post:

In closing
I have been asked on many occasions to do an HDF member's chart. My attention is not focused here as of late and for the foreseeable future. Why so ? Have I lost interest?

To be an excellent jyotiṣa, knowledge + compassion + intution must be developed. Knowledge is the light of the sun + compassion is the light of the moon
and intuition is the 3rd eye , that of agni. For me to advance, agni needs to be brightly kindled. This is where my attention has been and will remain so.

So If I do not address your requests it is for this purpose. To develop my skills beyond average or meager, more honing and cultivating is needed. I wish to spend
more time with agni. Until that time I remain a śiṣya of this knowledge. Please do not be offended if I choose not to calculate charts.



bhāva भाव from bhū becoming , being , existing , occurring , appearance ; manner of acting or conduct dharma धर्म that which is established or firm ,
steadfast decree , statute , ordinance , law ; from dhṛ धृ- that which upholds
some write bhava भाव - is a house e.g. 1st house, 10th house vs. a sign i.e. Aries. What does it mean ? That which is or exists ;becoming , being ,
existing , occurring , appearance ; manner of being , nature , temperament , character
lagna or lagnam - is defined as attached to ; that is, the rising sign at the moment of birth is attached to the horizon, attached to the native;

from lag लग् - cling or attach one's self ; to meet , come in contact ; to take affect on +
nam नम् to bow to , subject or submit , one's self.
We know lagna is also called the ascendant.