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11 November 2010, 05:11 AM
My beloved companions of this satvic community,

We prepare an ideal diet (think so), traditional or processed, based on vegetables, nuts, oil , cream, cheese, sugar etc.. to provide us lots of nutrition. We make smart choices of food for all our physical needs. We search for the keys to a healthy physical lifestyle.

When we cook for physical health alone, it’s obviously negative qualities that act as enhancers (while making food) - our depression, tension, anxieties and worries, feelings of hatred, and prejudice supplement every ingredient or measurement.

Have we sincerely tried to research on how to prepare food to influence ourselves and others mentally, to associate positive qualities into cooking?

Love is recommended as a major or prominent catalyst to stimulate positive qualities and mental sustenance. Just like we associate with positive people, on the path to enlightenment, let our food be imbued with the flavour of love.

Pick fresh ingredients in love, slice it in love , or powder it in love, add the flavor of love, add a little bit of oil in love, or salt or sugar in love , Sauté it or boil it in love , toss it with love , and we have our favourite dishes , a refreshingly healthful substitute for our mind.
It takes a real confident cook, to prepare this food that offers everlasting energy.

When we say food becomes mind, isn’t it time we begin to practice a constant alertness to fuel our cuisine with love?

Whatever be the culture followed, lets say, cooking is a homam, an intensive pooja invoking fire, and officiated by us. We create dishes from ingredients that are offered through the medium of fire. We then relish the prasada, which is the palatable dish we created. Through this culinary exercise, we processed and extracted energy.

Let’s approach this with what we learnt recently.(sacred chandogya 6 :5 to 6: 7) As we eat, all three needs- of hunger, physical and mental health are satisfied.

Love :)

11 November 2010, 09:43 AM
This cannot make a meal.

I am all vegetarian, but not all others. Non-Vegs defends their acts. I was wondering what is in their mind, but was not able to post anything, I just told them about some facts and got blame game begins.

Eat what Annapurna Devi allows, not what the taste is
All Satvik have punya
All Rajas are in between
All Tamas are paap (even tamas veg)

Eastern Mind
11 November 2010, 02:35 PM
Vannakkam Brahman: This is really true. A home cooked meal is often better the the best chef in the world could do because of this secret ingredient. A restaurant wants th e money and the pride, but a mother wants to provide physical nourishment along with Love.

Did you know esoterically why Hindua eat with their fingers? It is because fingers are giving off prana (subtle life force), and we lose less prana it we eat with fingers rather than cold metal. Wood is a bit better but fingers are the best.

Often in restaurants today people are under a lot of stress, "Hurry Hurry! Hurry!" Bosses are yelling, cooks a re rushing, and sweating. This vibration rubs off into food. So that's just great that we have to eat it.

Aum Namasivaya

12 November 2010, 02:09 AM
namaste EM and others.

As you are aware, Yajvan started a thread over four years ago about the spiritual implications of food, which had wide ranging discussions:

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There is much information about vegetarian food in that thread.

12 November 2010, 05:46 AM
This boils down to our appetite for all the good things of life. The mushrooming of exotically worded eating joints like multi-cuisine restaurants and coffee shops have smothered the simplicity of our cooking and eating.

The only opportunities of eating together (unmistakable occasions to cook and serve with love) a family might get now, are spent at eating joints. So, for most of the houses, it has become a fading memory.

Or, the mantra of love and warmth and generosity are becoming curios of the past.

As rightly put, with all its modern face, we need to ascertain cooking with an inner core - of love.

Thanks Brahman and all seniors.

Eastern Mind
12 November 2010, 07:01 AM
As you are aware, Yajvan started a thread over four years ago about the spiritual implications of food, which had wide ranging discussions:

Vannakkam Saidevo: Am I aware? Sometimes I think not. Thank you for your ability to remember or recall various discussions, and then provide the links. I always have difficulty doing same, and I've been here 3 years. For newcomers, it must be really hard, even frustrating. Yet preparing some kind of better directory/index to previous discussions would seem a daunting task.

Then again, why do we need that when we have you? Yajvan is good at it as well. Just don't ever leave.

Aum Namasivaya

12 November 2010, 10:52 AM
namaste EM.

Thank you for your kind words, but I know I am no different from either you or another member in remembering the old threads. I have not read many of them fully too. I only vaguely remember some associative phrases and text, specially from my own earlier posts, and then search using the HDF search facility, that's all. Perhaps Yajavan maintains personally some sort of index.

12 November 2010, 11:51 AM
Even home cooked meal supply comes from market, it was always.

With adulterated products in market, we need to develop something that deter it.

We need pure food, I remember when I ate at ISCKON temple, the food was Satvik pure, but then they too depend on supply.

15 November 2010, 04:38 AM
Thanks param, Lets pray to KAshipura vAsini for Vegfood for the whole world,
BhikshAmdehi kripa avalambanakari mAta annapUrneshvari. Letís see what non-vegetarians do about it:)

Dear Sri. Sai, those are recommended links, Thank You

Thanks Dear akshara, Keep chanting Ďthe mantra of loveí

And Dear EM, It is evident from your post that you are into this secret ingredient. You always use sweet words.
The mind turns to words, words to Karma, Karma to society, society to civilization, civilization to history, history to legends and legends as sastras.

The power of love, letís add it in every food we make and let our karma influence the generations to come.

Lots of love:)

Eastern Mind
15 November 2010, 06:45 AM
Even home cooked meal supply comes from market, it was always.

With adulterated products in market, we need to develop something that deter it.

We need pure food, I remember when I ate at ISCKON temple, the food was Satvik pure, but then they too depend on supply.

Vannakkam PARAM: Here I have a backyard garden. All summer it provides some but not all organic vegetables grown with love. Just this year I have discovered that kale is incredibly frost tolerant, and although we have had days to -10 C, it's still managing, and I ate some two days back. I am also the caretaker of a much larger organic vegetable garden at our local temple. Informally, we call it Ganesha's garden. The organic vegetables are cut fresh, and then frozen for use during the whole winter for the Sunday meal at the temple. In days of yore, many people in rural areas especially relied on home grown food, so there was no concept of 'suppliers'. So although you are correct in some ways, it is not an absolute.

Aum Namasivaya