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01 December 2006, 09:16 PM
Greeting's all,
Perspectives please..
Does being psychic mean that ones ego has consumed ones being?
At one time I had removed negative energies from my being and let love into my being. After that I had accomplished many psychic things. Some of which I wasn't prepared for. At one point I had generated six winning lottery numbers in order to help mankind, but my higher self(?) stopped me from playing. If I would of won I would not be alive today or in jail (I fully believe).

Oneness has proved to me to be a good way to live. And I desire to reached that point again. But I donot desire to push my personal issues upon any you here. I'm very interested in reaching that state of being again, for which I could help mankind in many positive ways."Am I in the right place here to accomplish my goals?"

Thanks for time & understandings. Any and all comments, suggestions and such are welcomed. -Kevin.