View Full Version : identified this mantra/meditation technic//*South Korean Mahayana Buddhist

04 February 2011, 04:35 PM
Jay sita ram bhai.
Im here because i need your help
to identified me the name of this meditation technic.
if im wrong correct me we are here to learn.

From a very powerful poetry a South Korean film call
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring.
i found this part that interested me, its very short since is not important part that circle the drama.
but it trigger me.

please help me wit your knowledge.


i will need you too jump at

10:36 To 11:39

to see the part.

The master is writhing in a strange black stone
repeatedly using water as ink.

looks like a writhing mantra, over and over.
please help me identified it.

i would like too try it.
too know if its stone, what it helps, is it a mantra..etc

jay sita ram
thanks you for your time