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11 December 2006, 08:40 AM
Hari Om

Namaskar and Hello Yesha ( aspirant or sadhu)
If we look to the last post on interconnectedness, the rishi's point out that all THIS is connected, not just in concept, but in actual reality.
This suggests that the Seer ( you) the method of perception ( your senses) and the objects of perception ( this universe ) are seemless, all one contiguious Being. Some say ( Vasista) that this is all one mass of consciousness.
Now, is there some technique, or excercise one can practice to help groom this vision?
I have outlined a technique below ( akasa-dristi) for your consideration.

Lets call it the Seeing Technique: Akasha – Part 1.


Akasha Technique
Intent: foundation for connectedness; expansion of appreciation; different point of reference.

When you look 'round, say at some scenery, people, a house, a yard, a tree, etc. look at the space between the objects. Consider the space. Initially just look, with out judging anything, and look at the space and observe. I find it useful to start with clouds, then put the awareness on the space between the clouds. The objects are secondary, the space is primary awareness.

Consider the following. That space , not the air, but the space (Akasha) that holds the air (vayu) also holds everything in this universe. That is, it provides the space for things to exist. It is the most subtle of the 5 elements – Space>Air>fire>water>earth (akasha>vayu>agni>jala>prithvi). From a western orientation think of it as vacuum,gas,fire, water, solid.

Space (akasha) is continuous, without seams, and is everywhere in this manifest creation. Even if this universe has an edge or an "end" – that edge must exist in space. If there is an end, then the end by definition must have dimension, and that must be cradled in space. And on the other side of the edge or end, more space perhaps? Hence akasha is infinite.

This akasha is between sub-atomic particles, between atoms, between the stars and the planets. It’s between you, the object of perception, and is in the object of perception at every level. It’s in you, between your organs, in your organs, and in your lungs. There is no place that it is not. It is the perfect example of being Ubiquitous.

The Space that you occupy today will not be the same space that you will occupy tomorrow. Even if you live in the same house, work in the same office or go to the same school, that space will not be there tomorrow, let alone in the next minute. As the world turns, so does this solar system and so does this galaxy within the infinite space; nothing possess the same space as we glide though the cosmos.

Now, take a look at the space. Is it the same? You can view the infinite in front, and on every side (the 10 directions, because it is seamless and everywhere. It’s said in the Upanishads , when you touch one thing, you touch all things at the same time. This Connectedness comes from akasha, which connects all things as all reside in it. Like that, it’s like Brahman. This "seeing" allows you to see the wholeness or connectedness of this creation, like that, you are that wholeness.

As you have time, "see" a bit more; look ‘round at this akasha a bit more with this idea – look at the space containing the objects found in it. See what you "see". So the notion of 'seeing' is to not bother with the particular, and look at the general.

Part 2 if there is interest - what is the sound that goes with this
space ? We can comment on this, as interest is shown.
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Note that this concept is discussed in The 10 Great Cosmic Powers, by S.Shankaranarayanan, Samata Books ( worth the read.) All insights that comes from this is attributed to S.Shankaranarayanan the author of the core idea.

"We are continually trying to regain the lost memory of our true SELF - that is what is called life" - Swami Ashokananda.