View Full Version : Alpha Stim (CES) and Meditation

21 April 2011, 09:01 AM

While the two aren't directly related I see a similar connection between the product "alpha stim" which is a method of Cranial Electric Stimulation (CES) and the effects of meditation when done with the intent of feeling better.

Alpha Stim works by giving a tiny electrical charge via the earlobes and is meant to make the brain function better, alleviate depression and apparently alleviate pain. It also induces a state of euphoria in the user (having read the literature and testimonials to back this up I am fairly sure of the efficacy of the product)

I bring it up because I am about to try it and it seems like it has similar effects to very well done meditation. I will let everyone know how things work out with it. I bring this up in the science section because it is a neuro-psychological tool to treat various mental illnesses.

If anyone has thoughts by all means share.

It should be noted that Alpha Stim is also a means of weening off drugs and has little to no side effects apparently.


21 April 2011, 09:05 AM
I should also note that like meditation it might bring out emotional "gunk" that is lying dormant in ones system