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27 April 2011, 06:42 PM
Hm... There were 2 main divisions of Sanskrit-Vedic Sanskrit and Classical Sanskrit. I don't know much about Vedic Sanskrit so I can't say if Classical Sanskrit have made Sanskrit better or degraded it.

But, in order to make Sanskrit even more better and logical, I created 'Modern Sanskrit'.

Principle differences between Classical and Modern Sanskrit are:
1. It uses Ancient Brahmi Script.
2. It have no gender based differences. Two types of nouns- Bitoic noun (जैविकम् संज्ञा) and Abiotic noun(अजैविकम् संज्ञा). Every noun which have life would come under Biotic noun. Every noun which aren't living would come under Abiotic noun. So now... For every hrasva ending, Classical Sanskrit's male shabddh roop is used for that noun. If it have a dirgha ending, classical sanskrit's female shabddh roop is used. And for Abiotic nouns, Classical Sanskrit's Nuter shabddh roop is used. Same rules for pronouns and other words except Ashmad and Yushmad :P
3. Everything is brought to the rule(most common), so now there are no exceptions(though exceptions were a hugeeeeeeeeee minority.)

This makes it 98% same as Classical Sanskrit. It will help us as:-
1. Promotes the use of Mother of all Indian scripts- Brahmi. It is believed that it was introduced to humanity by Brahma.
2. You are speaking in the most perfect language in the world. And might be 2nd most perfect language of the history of mankind(Vedic Sanskrit?).
3. Sanskrit is our national heritage.
4. It's easy to learn. Just 2 hours for 15-20 days and you are done.
5. All other benefits of Sanskrit.

I'm launching a website to learn Modern Sanskrit(Adhuniksanskritam). Medium of instruction would be Hindi. Would you like to learn?

Also I would like to tell you that It seems if I got God's help in developing this language in the form of excellent luck. I just can't believe how the things happened in this sequence so my work completed :)

-Vande Sanskritam

30 April 2011, 04:15 AM
No body like Sanskrit:headscratch: