View Full Version : the mystery of god in judaic and christian religion

29 April 2011, 07:27 AM
the origins of the abrahamic religions (brahma and sarasvati) is to talk in storywise about god and letting you ponder to the truth.

abraham does not wish to think about what sara asks, he is absurd to her. we have the tradition that us western people become brahma at 50. the role of the man and woman switch automatically.

we have figured out our last truths and do not need to think about what the other people want from us. that is very noticable with aged western people.

but anyway, for us westerners there's no philosophy, just pondering about absurd stories. which may all be lies.
then there are the prophets of course. jesus said he wanted to inspire the word as sword, which are the prophets. since prophets are usually called psychotic, we only get half truths of them.

the most evil act you can do with abrahamic religions is to become orthodox. I am quite orthodox about hindu scriptures but I believe they come from a higher more inner source.
I've read shiva explaning to parvati how the world churns, and I believe every word. since there seems to be no duality.

I holy believe the gods can never lie because that is impossible for them to do, so I accept both krishna and shiva as supreme. now there seems to be duality in the thought of the supreme. my heart goes out more to devi than krishna and shiva since she allows such persons to come to earth.

so for me there is no actual truth, I only repeat what I once thought was logical. and that's where it ends for me.

sorry that I immediately stray off topic but it's my heart chakra speaking for me, as I have no thoughts.
hope this will not annoy anyone. cya later alligator :o