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08 May 2011, 03:50 AM

Mother& Child(oil on canvas)- Sri. Raja Ravi Varma (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raja_Ravi_Varma)-April 29, 1848 - October 2, 1906

Mathru Panchakam by Sri. Sankara Bhagavad Padar

Aasthaam tavaddeyam prasoothi samaye durvara soola vyadha,
Nairuchyam thanu soshanam malamayee sayya cha samvatsaree,
Ekasyapi na garbha bara bharana klesasya yasya kshmo dhathum,
Nishkruthi munnathopi thanaya tasya janyai nama.

Oh mother mine,
With clenched teeth bore thou the excruciating pain,
When I was born to you,
Shared thou the bed made dirty by me for an year,
And thine body became thin and painfull,
During those nine months that you bore me,
For all these in return,
Oh mother dearest,
I can never compensate,
Even by my becoming great.

Gurukulamupasruthya swapnakaale thu drushtwa,
Yathi samuchitha vesham praarudho maam twamuchai
Gurukulamadha sarva prarudathe samaksham
Sapadhi charanayosthe mathurasthu pranaama.

Clad in a dress of a sanyasin,
You saw me in my teacher’s school,
In your dream and wept,
And rushed thither,
Smothered , embraced and fondled me , Oh mother mine,
And all the teachers and students wept with you dear,
What could I do ,
Except falling at your feet,
And offering my salutations.

Ambethi Thathethi Shivethi tasmin,
Prasoothikale yadavocha uchai,
Krishnethi Govinda hare Mukunde tyaho,
Janye rachito ayamanjali.

Oh mother mine,
Crying thou shouted in pain,
During thine hard labour,
“Oh mother, Oh father,
Oh God Shiva,
Oh Lord Krishna,
Oh Lord of all Govinda,
Oh Hari and Oh God Mukunda,”
But in return,
Oh my mother dearest.
I can give you but humble prostrations.

Na dattam mathasthe marana samaye thoyamapi vaa,
Swadhaa vaa no dheyaa maranadivase sraadha vidhina
Na japtho mathasthe marana samaye tharaka manu,
Akale samprapthe mayi kuru dhayaam matharathulaam.

Neither did I give you water at thine time of death,
Neither did I offer oblations to thee to help thine journey of death,
And neither did I chant the name of Rama in thine ear,
Oh Mother supreme, pardon me for these lapses with compassion,
For I have arrived here late to attend to those.

Mukthaa Manisthvam, Nayanam mamethi,
Rajethi jeevethi chiram sthutha thwam,
Ithyuktha vathya vaachi mathaa,
Dadamyaham thandulamesh shulkam.

Long live,
Oh, pearl mine,
Oh jewel mine,
Oh my dearest eyes,
Oh mine prince dearest,
And oh my soul of soul,
Sang thou to me,
But in return of that all,
Oh my mother dearest.
I give you but dry rice in your mouth.

The Acharya considered himself blessed at being able to be present near her in her last moment, and with this beautifuil touchy work Bhagavan teaches the importrance of LOVE for our mother....
Happy mother's day

Love :)

08 May 2011, 02:50 PM

Shankaracharya movie shows at one point, Adi Shakara orders his disciples to spread Vedic knowledge, then they sit down to eat lunch - served by the wife of a follower. Shankaracharya spontaneously sings her glories as Mother SharadA (as playing the role of AnnapUrNA) , and the most beautiful part is :

His birth mother looks over him smiling, as he sings - from miles/kms away in Kerala. Indicating his mother is always with him in spirit.

Jai Govindam


08 May 2011, 03:21 PM

This post for YashodA and Devaki


namAm Ishvaram sacchidAnanda rUpam
lasat kuNdale gokule brajamAnam
yashodA bhiyolukhaladdhavamAnam
parAmrushtaM atyantatyo dRutya gopyA

rudantam muhur netram yugmam mrujantam
karAmbhojam yugamena shAtanka netram
muhu shvAs kampa trirekhAnka kantha
sthita draiva dAmodara bhakti baddham

itidruk sva lila bhir Ananda kunDe



Devaki requested KrushNa in DwArakA - I have not seen Your childhood pastimes, how my heart yearns to see them ...
Immediately KrushNa turned into a child and showed all His mAkhan-leela etc.
RukmiNi was watching and was so taken in by them that she ordered a silver mUrti of BAl GopAl for Her shrine and worshipped this BAl KrushNa.

Thousands or years later, when sailors got off shore near Udupi Karnataka, MAdhavacharya , who had an intuition message that he should go to the beach immediately - the sailors rolled off a huge block of gopichandan mud - it was heavy. When cleaned, inside was this GopAl KrushNa mUrti that had apparently floated from Dwarka.

This is installed as Udupi KrishNa.


That is the story as i had read it.