View Full Version : Offerings at an ISKCON temple?

Divine Kala
26 May 2011, 05:10 AM
While I am a devotee of Ma Durga and Lord Shiva I find that I can visit ISKCON temples and be awed by the bhav (I think I'm using it in the right context?) that permeated the entire place. As I cannot visit my local Durga temple at present I wish to visit my local ISKCON temple but I need to know - can I bring offerings to the temple?

How are offerings received at these temples? How should I take darshan? (There is rarely a priest in the actual temple unless a service is under way so I am unsure what to do.)

26 May 2011, 07:29 AM
pranam DK

It is nice that you can visit and like the bhav at Iskcon temple.

off course you can take your offering as long as it is satvik, flower, fruits, grains, rice any thing vegetables. they will not accept cooked food, or simply put some money in the box.

when i enter any temple i would softly ring the bell and then prostrate in front of the deities, men does this by fully lying on the floor while the women simply touches the head to the floor. or you can simply enter and say your prayers in silence. it is nice to see the feet first, then admire the vagha ie dress and then the face.

you can leave your offerings by the box or ask someone if anyone is around they would guide you what to do.

Jai Shree Krishna