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26 May 2011, 08:59 AM
God has several names,and most of them has very deeper meaning/tattva.
The name Madhav also indicates a highly secret and deeper meaning of Supreme brahman which is realized by highest order sadhus.

I welcome the understandings of revered members before putting my study.

Jai srikrishna madhava hare murari.....

26 May 2011, 04:43 PM
Jay Radha Madhav KunjaBihari

saNskRt: MAdhav (http://spokensanskrit.de/index.php?tinput=maadhava&script=&direction=SE&link=y)

MAdhav = KrushNa = all-attractive Why ? becs of meanings below:

= madhur - sweet ; epitome, Lord, bestower and source of sweetness and everything sweet (madhurAdhipater akhilam madhuram)

Owner of the sweetest tattva

= spring = Rutu Vasant and just as sweet, enthusiastic and charming as Vasant Rutu (spring) when flowers bloom, birds chirp. So the spring season or Vasant Rtu is a manifestation of MAdhav - KrushNa as well as a reminder of His Person

= Shelter, support and maintainer of Shri (Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune) i.e. VishNu

Owner of [six] Supreme Oppulences (Shri) : wealth, beauty, renunciation, knowledge, fame, strength

Not applicable here but descendants of madhu are also mAdhav (like yadu - yAdav, pandu - pANdav)

mUkam karoti vAchAlam
paNgum langhayate girim
yat krupA Tam aham vande
param Ananda mAdhavam

My obeissances to (vande) the Highest Anand called MAdhav (KrushNa) , the Ocean of Mercy (krupA), Who can make (karoti) a dumb person (mUkam) speak (vAchAlam) and a lame person (paNgum) climb (langhayate) a mountain (giri).


30 May 2011, 07:42 AM
Supreme Lord is being known as Madhav is attributed from the secret of his unimaginable way of manifestation from nirguna nirvikar state to saguna,sakar state.

Madhav is the one who is the husband of his mother.swami of maa( Maa-Swami). This truth is an eternal drama/reality being orchestrated on the time wheel when One Jiva transcends from being a mortal child of Mahashakti to become the Sadasiva state to become the husband of same mahashakti who once was the creator of the jiva.

when Mahavishnu,the husband of mahalakhsmi,the supreme mother of entire saguna brahman,acts as Vishnu (the ruler of a single brahmanda ) he takes birth as saguna brahman via the Yoni of same mahalakhsmi.and in nirguna state he is again the husband of mahalakhsmi.

30 May 2011, 10:08 AM
Pranam Anirvan

are you able to provide any pramans for the above.

Jai Shree Krishna

02 June 2011, 02:03 AM


02 June 2011, 07:16 AM

Madhav is the one who is the husband of his mother.swami of maa( Maa-Swami).


I should have been more clear in my inquiry, you had offered two links which does not answer the above statement of yours, unless i missed it. please bring any relavent verse from shastra that makes above statement.

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