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15 June 2011, 07:24 PM
I thought this was really beautiful and quite cool and wanted to share :)

Ram Nam Bank: Banking with a difference
Pravin Kumar, TNN May 1, 2002, 01.02am IST
LUCKNOW: This is a bank which offers no interest, has no credit schemes, organises no loan ''melas.'' It doesn't deal in money at all. Still, the number of its ''account-holders'' is on the rise, and they include Muslims too. Welcome to the 17-year-old Ram Ram Bank, which deposits ''Ram naam'' and not currency.

Scribbling ''Ram naam'' has always been a popular way of remembering the Lord. One need not go to a temple. A businessman can do it sitting at his cash counter, an office-goer can do it whenever he gets a break and a housewife can do it while doing her daily chores.

The Ram Ram Bank offers the facility to deposit all those sacred scribbling. And every five years, the entire collection is sent to its ultimate destination -Ayodhya, Lord Ram's birthplace.