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17 June 2011, 11:53 AM
As we understand, Rajasik mind is more action oriented - i.e. the mind is more reactive and is less analytical. That means the intellect is used less.

Again in Satvik mind, the analytical component is more predominant so the intellect is used more.

If we notice we generally start with more rajasik nature (not considering the tamasic part) when we are young i.e. we are generally more reactive.

As we grow up changes come and we move towards more analytical in varying degree.

The mind vaccilates between analytics and actions. Seemingly between "I think" and "I do". It is like a pointer shifting from this mode to that mode.

Generally as I know, "I" is akarta or the experiencer only or kshetragya only.

My question then is who effects this shift or how this shift happens ?

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07 August 2011, 10:56 AM
The question has been in my mind for sometime. There should be some answer to this pehenomenon of shifting the position of I between rajasik (action oriented) mind and satvik (intellect oriented) mind.

After some analysis, I presume that the fluctuation of the I is always there in all. The frequency of fluctuation decides whether the rajasik part is more or the other.

The Satvik mind needs a lower frequency as it intellect needs some time for processing. Higher the frequency, lower is the processing time and less effective is the influence of intellect over mind.

The body is designed to vary the frequency by aging. The normal tendency is to lowering of frequency. This helps the intellect to start working. Now again the intellect is possibly a kind of more powerful organ which once gets in the process, tries to slowly encroach more and more. It helps the frequency to get slower.

The total process from sense to action organ being sense - brain - mind - intellect - mind - brain - action. The condition of the mind (with karmaphal) plays a big role in the inputs to the intellect and thereby the output. Again this decides the rate at which the intellect will be able to reduce the frequency.

Still not very confident on the analysis. Lots of questions arising. May be someone somewhere can come up with better theory.

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08 August 2011, 04:32 AM
I think the sequences of nature in an ORDINARY HUMAN is like this-
childhood-sattva dominant
youth -rajah dominant
older - tamas dominant

As one grow older,all the energy,pranik level becomes less and the sharpness of brain,sense,reaction times becomes slower.

in elder human,this tamas or slowness appears as sattvika to outer world.this tamsik nature reduces the reaction time so that they get more time to ponder over aproblem to take a decision.second thing is they accumulate experiences and constant learning which may help to take wiser decision.