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17 July 2011, 08:36 PM
Recently I had been hearing a quite peculiar sound coming from every single machine near me....now even when they were not previously emitting this sound of Om, when I pray they often begin to make this sound, usually, only in my right ear.

This led me on a long road of thought for many days about the Source and it's various states here in this gross manifested reality.

Source is Beloved...everything everywhere all Beloved.

So I look to these electricty sockets around my home and think hard about this realm and this energy we harness. It's Source for sure, all things are...but machines...they channel this portion of the Source into their gears and create actions such as cooling the air...or cleaning the floor.

Electricty seems a very raw, but pure form of Beloved's Divine Energy...so pure it knocks us right out of these vessels if we become overtly exposed to it.

In this case, perhaps machines, and this electricity would be very good conduit to experience Beloved?

Sometimes after I pray...every bulb blow in my bathroom...and despite they are the new types that are supposed to last...they go out just so quickly...and also sometimes I trip the whole fuse to this restroom after a very long period of meditation.

Just seems to me that this realm has various manifestations of Source..and electricty seems to be a very strong Portion. Rocks...are source, like a small glass of milk...and trees...are a very large portion.

Human vessels hold the Source, our Divine Portion as a tankard full of milk....and air condioner hold a great heap of Source too...although not thinking as we...because it have no manifested body...but still strong stream of power none the less.

One time...

We were in the nursing home and a man was dying who had been VERY afraid to die...fighting it very very hard. When he die the whole room shuddered with a fierce wind and the radio came on. But it had no batteries and no cord! It had been broken on the window, never used!

Scared the nurses so bad because the wind rushed right past them out the door!

I am really not sure where I am going with this except to say, I feel that currents such as these are borrowed from Him for our comfort and safety...and they seem to possess a very strange ability due to their raw nature, and very pure state.

Anyone have any thoughts about this?

I wanted to add-

That here, many times others with paranormal events going on will be living very close to large electricty power sub-stations and I feel this is also because of this proximity to the raw Source.

Eastern Mind
17 July 2011, 08:44 PM
Vannakkam Naya: At the temple I attend, the bell ringer (5 bells attached to one large frame) is at the back but in direct line with the Murugan shrine. I've noticed on many occasions from that viewpoint lights flashing off and on especially during Murugan puja. In India the air is electric around those temples. You are definitely on to something, in my opinion.

Aum Namasivaya

17 July 2011, 08:54 PM
At our Temple here, it is very very high energy...a hum in the air.

I know this may sound a bit macabre...but at a funeral home...eeks!

Every hair will be on end until I leave the building and move beyond the lot. It is a low irritating vibration, only other time I felt this way was my time in nursing homes caring for the elderly and terminal clients there...when I returned there late in my career with my private clientel....I had forgotten about it, but once in the door I immediately began to feel it again.

18 July 2011, 01:58 AM

Energy is in everything it makes all matter by its very vibration.
Direct current can not travel it loses to much to heat and resistance. It is as if it is just one part of an enormous wave but Alternating current otherwise said AC vibrating current can. The frequency or vibration is the key.

We live on an enormous electromagnet this spinning ball we call home is enshrouded with an electric field which protects us from and maybe even harnessing the wild electromagnetic wind from the sun.

Nature on the planet seems to have a resonating frequency of around 8Hz I forget now where I got this info so sorry not to provide a link I believe this is from the work of Nicola Tesla. This is within our brains resonant Electro magnetic functioning.

The human nose has ferroelectric (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferroelectricity) material in it. Similar to that which pigeons use to navigate. Most of the human body including nerves and fat have piezoelectric (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piezoelectricity) material which can transfer currents by signal or vibration.

Best of all the human heart is surrounded by an enormous electromagnetic field, not only does the heart contain many neurons but its pulse is detectable at low level (if you remove background noise) at up to 5 meters. Also giving an electrical charge to our blood as it passes through.

Not only electricity but light to, DNA has as its base phosphorus, which is capable in other forms of storing and emitting light. I believe the human eye is Phosphorescent (proven by dubious experiment in the 40s or 50s).

So I'd say that that is a fair assumption NayaSurya ;)

Good science is always beautiful and extremely graceful, It does after all show us the nature of God.

It would seem how ever that we play with this knowledge like children. Maybe it is that we are not yet quite ready for its use, that we don't yet quite understand the better half of it.
It has brought mAyA to dimensions and a scale never before seen.

Interestingly Nicola Tesla who was undoubtedly a seer warned of the use of fossil fuels at the very birth of our electronic revolution. He was ignored by the self possessed.

Peace Peace Peace...


18 July 2011, 06:37 AM
I always say I feel like a tuning fork to this vibration/ sound of Om...I can hear it in almost everything.:p

N.Tesla! my children hear stories of this wonderful Portion very very often...as recent as last friday I explained once again how he was not given proper credit for his work and talked of the amazing science behind his work.

Oddly enough, it is his studies in frequency and energy transfer that really encouraged my feelings about Source and our ability in these vessels to channel it. I say channel because long ago I used to visualize this golden energy coming into me from Beloved and I would send it into my dying clientel....for many years I did this, hiding it from everyone...even my own family as it seemed very crazy...and also...since I could not see it...I felt it was all in my head. But, in this desperation to help suffering individuals I did do this with all my heart until the day came when I was at my own mother's bed and I did this...and she came out of coma to say she saw this "golden light" coming from me all around and that I was like an angel...and that I was covered in golden sparkles.

So this thing...this simple gift of confirmation leads me to believe that though we may not see it...we can do this!

I was the unfortunate one to have recently sat through a movie which was playing in my earshot while I worked on coupons.:p The movie was Inception...and this movie sparked even further conversations about the layers of realms here and the energy we use. I would love to discuss it sometime with everyone who is interested.

Eastern Mind
18 July 2011, 07:14 AM
Vannakkam: Another small proof of an electric field everywhere is the fact that some people (I happen to be one of them) cannot wear watches, because our bodies electric field disturbs the watch. I read once where about 55 of all people have this characteristic.

(There is a nice morning thunderstorm here as I type.)

Aum Namasivaya

18 July 2011, 07:34 AM
Many years ago I had a health problem that caused me not to digest food so I had not eaten for a week. At the time I did not know what a fast was. I had laid down on my back and was just being there when I began to see golden sparkles floating over me. I lifted my arms up and they moved with waves like the electromagnetic patterns you see around magnets. I actually played with the energy for awhile. Then my heart was filled with a sensation of powerful feeling and I felt myself expanding up and out of my body. At the point I would loose myself if I expanded anymore I snapped back into my body. My body was in tight fetal position turned on my right side. I remember being surprised at this because I was so truly apart from it I didn't know I had moved. I got up knowing I had chosen to stay and not die. I was in a state of deep centered peace for a week during which time I tried to start a yoga class. The teacher told me I was too debilitated to do it with the class but she looked at me and told me what I needed to do to get healthy. The western medication I had been given had shut my digestion off! The beloved gave me a choice and healed me. That was fourty years ago but I always remember the time I played with the energy of creation. Namaste

18 July 2011, 01:31 PM
Last summer I see a great sea of this gold as I became overcome by sun at an amusement park in their tremendously large simulated ocean.

The whole place was gold and when the wind blew the bits picked up and blew away like sand....and every person was simply gold...all emerged in this vast sea of energy. In the center of that vision was a brilliant Loving Light right at the Heart, emanating out in every direction like the sun...I believe it was Beloved.

I became frightened and it went away, thankfully. Don't think we are supposed to see that much behind the curtain here.:p

It made me rethink my closeness to Beloved...used to think He was somewhere so far off...out of my reach. Only to see this and know He is right here.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, things so similar to my own that they become a bread crumb upon the forest path...to the Aham<3

18 July 2011, 03:33 PM
Intriguing thoughts.

I've felt that physics is a science that is also relevant to theology.

18 July 2011, 06:01 PM
One more Golden light story. I was driving down a road in a desert area with a friend who had just been upset because he had been fearful of the physical anger of a large man. I was going 30 in a 55 zone to drive carefully as I comforted my friend. Cars were trying to pass me on this very wide road with a built up curb beside a small ravine. I pulled to the right to let them pass and brushed this curb with the wheel. Because it was a VW bus it rolled over and over down the embankment. The thing is just before this happened I saw a golden light pouring out of everything! And, my friend yelled out "I see yellow!" When the wheel jerked out of my hands my only thought was that my friend should not be injured because I lost control of the car. In slow motion I floated into the air and wrapped myself around his head to protect him. by the time the car stopped rolling the axel was snapped and the bus was totaled. People came and pulled us out up through the drivers door and ran with us because the gas was pouring out and it was 105 degrees in a windy dry Santa Anna wind storm. I and my friend were not injured. When the police came they took a whole roll of film of my wrecked bus in the ravine and gave it to me to prove how bad of an accident my friend and I had survived. The thing is we never talked about it!
Then 17 years later in a group talking about possible experiences with angels I told about the light for the first time and how I knew it saved us! I wondered why I had never told about it before and others said they had not spoken soon either. Some said they had come to understand that contact with the creator is so awesome that it "seals our lips". In all these years of my continued education about physics it has always grown in it's support of my spiritual experience and I have always felt that Hindu from ancient times knew the truth. Thank you for hearing my story. Miracles are real. It's all about making yourself available. Namaste.

19 July 2011, 06:45 AM
I wanted to address your story before I leave here. What an amazing thing that both of you experienced that together, such validation is very rare. Also, I had a bus such as yours...and I know how tricky they can be...but I loved that bus.:P It was a toyota though.:P

Sometimes I talk about it here, but mostly I have become to understand it may not be for everyone to hear about.

But, we have numerous things happen here each week...and the thing is about all of them...the common thread is, how quickly our mind tries to cover it with junk. I began writing much of it down because almost immediately after such miracles, our mind begins to illicit a coping mechanism which causes doubt, forgetfullness and a host of other symptoms.

One time when I was very very young we had a close encounter out in the forests of ky and our entire family was affected, but not even a week later, when I asked my mother and older brother about this event...they had completely forgotten! It was very disturbing and only after many moments to go over the whole thing to them, did the light of recognition come on in their eyes...but then they both looked to each other and say..."Yeah...how in the world could we forget this??"

How, indeed.

It brings me back to the movie Inception, that really bad one I was talking about up higher in this thread.

The whole movie is based on going into others dreams and creating things....and trying to brainwash their subconscious with their own motives.

The creation of layers...dream within a dream was very very interesting to me as I have experienced some sort of waking up from this place a while ago...and even though it was only once I began to understand that this place is a higher form of dreaming mixed with matter...unlike our other dreams which are noncompliant with the laws of nature and physics...this place is higher. But, still not fully alert/aware.

In the movie, when one enters anothers dream layers....the people inside the dream(all made up of bits of the individuals mind) become very alarmed and will try to kill you/remove you from their dream.

I think such failproofs also exist here...so the more we see, the more likely we are to experience periods of memory lapse.

Write it down, write it all down...and validate it with the ones who also experienced it.

I was lucky, my two sisters were there that day when my mother began speaking...and so for me...the experience could never be burried by doubt.

As I say many many times, it takes such audacity to believe...such strength of will and a complete disreguard for what others will come along to say. I think Beloved Portions such as Gurus are the most fearless Beings in this realm. They show us fearlessly...the possibility each of us carries inside.

The more I experience the more absurd this whole world becomes....but always still I am the wide eyed wonderer when it comes to these beautiful Portions I have been entrusted with...and so grateful for this hill with all of the beauty...such a dream makes is hard to wake up.