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18 July 2011, 01:32 PM
hariḥ oṁ


I wrote on another post just recently,

The 20th kārikā of the vijñāna Bhairava suggests the following: śaivīmukham ihocyate. Śaivī is śakti or śrī devī + mukham is mukha - mouth, opening or aperature. And ucyate is moving, connected or joined.

So this is saying, śakti is the entrance, the suitable way to join with śiva. Or another way of viewing it is śrī devī (śakti) is the delightful (uc) entrance (mukha) to śiva. At that moment the bhāvanā¹of the sādhaka becomes one with śiva or as it says in the śloka, tadāsau ślivarūpī syāt.

Note that I mention 'one with śiva'. This requires some additional comment. When we say one with śiva or like śiva, this is a close proximity to the real meaning and intent.
If we study the pratyavbhijñāhṛdayaṁ authored by kṣemarāja-ji, a śiṣya of abhinavagupta, it reavals the truth of the matter.
First this word Pratyabhijñāhṛdayaṁ means the re-recognition of ones Self - in this word hṛdya is used as ~heart~ or the inner most , most dear, and hence the Self.

So when we say 'one is like or becomes', its real intention is the re-recognition of one's real status - that of śiva. I do not become something I already am is the premise here. What I am doing is re-membering who I am. This is the kaśmir śaivism truth and point of view on Reality itself.

Yet we find the same in vedānta - one who knows brahman becomes brahman. The same point of view is offered. That of becoming ... is actually realizing what one is to begin with. That is why this word pratyabhijñā¹ is so specific and applicable.


bhāvanā - a creator, producer; causing to be , effecting , producing , displaying , manifesting
pratyabhijñā to come to one's self , recover consciousness ; recognition ; regaining knowledge

18 July 2011, 02:42 PM
I wonder if there is no coincidence that the mukha, mouth, engages in the creation of japa - chanting the divine names. Could this be the the bhāvanā of the sādhaka.

18 July 2011, 02:49 PM
These words are precious they are the proof behind a mother's humble pudding.

For without your words of True Knowledge, then this one so grossly devoid of Truth could not connect these things which are observed in silence with every moment.

We begin so humbly to unfold this Truth upon ourselves...as the actor begins to shed the clothes of his character and end the play....

Ones around us continue this Divine Drama for Beloved, wish us well...some try to keep us near.

Some of us, so intensely engrossed within upbringing of children and duty....will come in and out as we can...for we are still chest deep in the duty of this incarnation and can not fully withdrawl.

You give me these precious words, remind me of the things which I only know from being. You say the word fullness in many posts and I concede to it.

For when one become full with this Truth of our Self, to remember who We are...

Yajvan, from the bottom of this heart.... I am at your feet.

Deep humble gratitude for the words which so effortlessly fill this forum with this Truth...The Very Hand of Beloved You Are in this realm.

Can only hope you forgive me for always adding the common to your exceptional, elegant Grace.