View Full Version : Prahlad Jani : Man(Yogi) who can lived without food or water(has lived for 70 years)

The Occult
27 August 2011, 03:43 AM
Here is a small briefing about this guy

There is an 82 year old man called Prahlad Jani who considers himself and having lived for 70 years without food or water

Skeptics wanted him to observed by scientists to ensure that his statements holds validity

So he was monitored in an hospital for 15 days where the toilet was sealed and there were CCTV cameras to see what he was doing.

The only time he was under the influence of water was when he was bathing and gargling but the quantity was measured before and after gargling

The team of doctors frequently dropped in to monitor his health condition and according to them,there is no decline in health, he was perfectly healthy
They were also bewildered to find how he was able to survive without food or water.He is a yogi and practices meditation

According to him, he gets energized by the rays of the sun

The skeptics(notably Sanal Edamaruku..lol) were ofcourse not satisfied with these developments and criticized the scientists saying that he was not closely observed while he bathing or gurgling or when he went out of the camera to meet his devotees

Mind you this was the second time he was observed,he was observed before in 2003 and they were baffled even then

Here is more information about this man

Also check this youtube link