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18 September 2011, 05:33 AM
Hi all
How are you guys?From last Monday,12/09/2011 ,i started to read Shri Rudram at 4:30AM(Brahm muhurat) for seven day.In this whole week,i don't know how many times i sleep in night.Even in sleeping time,i always conscious about this and many a times i wake up 4 times in just 5-10 minutes interval.Although i m doing this for something-nothing.

My quest is just different from above:-----------
What is the difference b/w all rupas of shiva?
I always like Saatvik shiva.....Don't know that is there is any aghori type?

And one question to all of you(i know the answer)
Why didn't we ask or demand something from Mahakaal in Ujjain(Mahakaal)?

Kundan Ghanekar
Shiva is-Prajananne brahma tishthatu,padayor vishnu tisthatu