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29 September 2011, 03:37 PM
Fate brought a 16 year old confused Catholic boy to the doors of a mosque in Mill Valley in Northern California. After some initial indoctrination in the US, John Lindh ended up in Yemen to learn Arabic and to learn about/live an Islamic life. From there he proceeded to the town of Bannu in the North West Frontier province of Pakistan, where he signed up at a Madrasa to end up becoming more radicalized. His life journey took him to Afghanistan to become a Taliban fighter. In the aftermath of 9/11, he was captured as 'enemy combatant 001' and brought back to the US. All his experiences failed to ween him away from Islam; in fact, while in jail, he signed up with the University of Indiana for a correspondence course in Islamic studies. 10 years later, he achieved his lifelong dream of memorizing the whole Koran. Another 10 years and he would have completed his jail sentence to become a free man again and live amongst us. His parents being parents, have steadfastly supported him all along and blamed the sensationalism of the media for all their son's troubles. It is sad to see the twists and turns that his parents have been going through, but nature has a way of making people work out their past Karma. I just hope that such a thing does not happen to anyone that I know.

29 September 2011, 05:53 PM
Believer, this is a sad trend here. Young white men from affluent families, with problems, seeking to rebel against the establishment/parents chosing this path of ignorance and violence. It wouldn't bother me so much except that these men continue to live and benefit from a lush life here in the USA sitting on their Dell laptop drinking starbucks and talking about this place of comfort as any mullah terrorist would.

I say you look no further than the doorstep for most of the root of this problem. Sure, some are born with organic brain problems, personality issues which make them more susceptible to indoctrination.

But, I think that is probably the exception, rather than the norm. It's a parents duty to own this behavior and try very hard to find help for them...and I saw a quote from this young man's father saying "He was beyond me molding him." and he was only 20 years old.:(

It is never to late to pull your child out of the clutches of a cult! Or die trying...

It remind me of the Koresh situation here a few years back...violence and abuse in the name of religion is absolutely wrong.

The problem with cult religious groups such as these is that to leave is dern near impossible...it's a death sentence to most. Whereas if you left Koresh, you were just "dead to them". Honor killings in the muslim world are prevailent.

This whole issue can be summed up in a true story...

Once I was on the playground and many parents were on their phone while their children ran around unsupervised. A large round boy around 11 years old was inside a slide hiding and when young girls would try to slide down he would grab them and begin to touch them VERY innappropriately.

Now I was watching this child through the air slats in the side of this tube slide and became very angry with his mother who sat smoking a cigarette and talking on her phone with her back to him.

So I walked over to her and asked her to come over. I pointed to her son in the slide who had a 5 year old girl in a choke hold on his lap in the landing of the slide(He did not know anyone could see him) and through the slats I yell STOP!

The boy drop the girl, realizing he was being watched and she tumbled backwards down the slide and hit her head on the ground.

and his mother giggles and says...I never forget this to this day because it horrified me so badly...."Boys will be boys."

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

She snickered as she watched my 7 year old son help this girl up gently and try to calm her.

Boys will be boys?

Not likely.(I would like to add this is not a rare occurence, in my over 2 decades as a parent this situation has happened many numerous times in every sundry playground with the outcome always being the same)

We are the product of our upbringing, environment and our own organic machine's tendencies(at least until we can get it under control).

Could this young man have been indroctrinated to kill if he had been shown his whole childhood to respect and honor all lives? Hard if not impossible for one with full mental faculties.

Parents hold a great deal of obligation for these children. I would die before allowing my child to harm an innocent.

03 October 2011, 03:19 AM
Islam is terrorism and we cannot stop terrorism at one go, there is no place in this world where Islam is in power and peace do exist. NATO and USA are so dumb against Islam because they depend on Oil coming from Arab Nations, nobody will care about Islam if the world produce the alternative of Oil. Only anti Hindu Indian Government will care about terrorism.