View Full Version : Bidhi vakti and Raganuga vakti

23 October 2011, 08:03 AM
the root of Bidhi vakti is fear of hell and delight of heaven ( swarga and narak)
one has to go by shashra ( Scripture). mala japa, tapa ,jagya,puja and many more rituals to be followed in vidhi vakti which never arises from the deep sea of mind rather flows on upper level. it is said that in kaliyug due to impurity in bakya (speech) and in drabya ( article) these japa tapa jagya puja can not be performed properly and hence expected result not come out. in chaitanya charitamrita mahapravu says many times that by practising bidhi vakti one can not attain gopi prem . we never see gopi offer puja to sri krishna or doing japa, tapa ,jagya etc to get favour (prem) of sri krishna.Raganuga vakti is just opposit ,does not care of hell or heaven ,no ritual to get bhagabat prem . It is a greed of getting bhagabat prem . hungry can not wait for rituals to satisfy the hunger. mahapravu says only just only through rag vakti one can attain krishna prem. we see during mahapravu's time how swarup damodar, ramanand ray,sri rup, sarbovom pandit practised rag vakti.present day vaishnab let it be iskon, gaudiya family just making the innocent people fool. having a tilak in forehead and taking veg , doing japa with mala will never make a true vaishnab .every body who wants to know gaudiya vaishnab dharma should read the discussion between mahapravu and ramananda ray. may i request the interested person to ask their guru bidhi and rag and also which to follow.