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08 January 2007, 07:45 PM
The whole life is a celebration with all its various colorful dimensions and with the core truth, which lies as the foundational reality of all its dimensions. Vedas, which exist for time immemorial, are the original sciences to demystify the life. Ramayana is the literature, which reflects the Vedic values in day-to-day life. Web of Life Makers (Webolim) is an organization, which facilitates people to experience the treasured esoteric values of Vedas and Ramayana and inculcate them in their everyday life. It conducts regular workshops, classes, camps, lectures and demonstrations on Vedas and Ramayana around the country and abroad to elucidate the public on various topics of interest.

For details of the forthcoming worshop in Karimnagar, Hyderabad on the 27th and 28th Jan 2007, check: