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03 November 2011, 02:39 AM
This has been in the news for sometime now, an essay by AK Ramanujan on Ramayanas was scrapped by Delhi University from its history syllabus, supposedly on right wing pressure. Regardless on the fact that the Left are now on the streets to protest the ban, this again goes to the heart of the **traditional**, **getting offended** topics we have discussed previously. This is not to start another round of fruitless argument on a topic which holds no merit for me to argue otherwise, this one is just for info.


And before anyone jumps into the right wing bandwagon, I would request them to actually read the article in question here before making up the mind, it may not change anything, but still.


03 November 2011, 09:44 AM
Great devotee Atukuri Molla has written that -
Someone will stop taking food because it has been taken before, and so is the story of Rama.
Ramayana was also re-written by many authors and scholars during 18th and 19th centuries in their own words.

Anti-Hindu groups are also involved in it; there are many defamers who show Ram in bad light. Ramayana should be checked what Bhakts has written in original concepts and not what anti-Hindu claims.

14 January 2012, 09:12 AM
Namaste everybody,

Three hundred ramayanas are an asset of Hinduism and may be based on facts. What is needed is guarding against wrong interpretations as is being done by non believers. The problem has been with interpretations. Not everybody can interpret it. He alone can interpret it who has understood it as it is and is Jnani who is supposed to know the truth of Vedanta.

Thus my friends 'three hundred ramayanas' need not be cause of worry but wrong interpretations which upset the sentiments of Hindus should alone be opposed with total force.

Am I right?